Seedling transplant

When is the best time to transplant seedling from starting mix into a pot with soil? And do I leave the starting mix on the roots or is it ok to lose some when transplanting to organic soil(Black Gold)? Thanks!

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Very little nutrients in seed starter so I would transplant as soon as they were established. Most of the seed starter will probably fall off when transplanting. Makes no difference one way or the other. After transplant give a good soaking.

When I use seed starter I fill the bottom of a pot (or cup) with soil and use seed starter on top couple inches. It keeps the plant fed until it has a chance to develop a good root ball.


That’s awesome!! I really appreciate your response! You just helped ease my mind and questioning, researching gives so many different answers it’s hard to find exactly what Iam looking for! Iam guessing that’s why my first seedlings were stunted. At 3 weeks they are looking like 1 1/2 week old seedlings.Not good


So would these be ready transplant should I wait another week

I’ve been using ro water do I need to add calmag to that 2 are starting turn purplish red on branch’s; broke soil xmas day. ILGM LSD autos ffof ffhf mix

My rule of thumb is once the leaves tips are long enough to reach past side of container you should repot.

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