When to transplant from Jiffy Pellet

So I’ve finally been able to germinate a seed to sprout above soil! Big win cause it took 5 seeds to do so. Just broke surface this morning before leaving for work and is a true seedling sprout this evening.
Now that I have it sprouted, what next? Should I remove the humidity dome already or do young seedlings like the added humidity? RH with lid on is about 70% and with it off it’s about 40%. Air temp with lid on holds around 25C but tent temp is around 18-20C.

I plan on moving to a solo cup or similar before final home in a 3gal fabric pot. When should I do this transplant? Is it better to do while still young or should I wait for more roots to establish and see more upward growth?
Growing medium is coco with about 40% perlite added.
Seed is Amnesia Haze Auto.
Light is 300w (120true) LED on 18/6 at max height available (about 40 inches). Should this be lower?

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I would leave it in there for another week, with the cover for extra humidity.
Not sure how far you want your lights away from it.
What model exactly of LED are you using?

Also, beware of overwatering, i drowned a couple of seeds because i though they wanted more water.

Yep, keep the dome on it and mist the inside of the clear plastic with water. I usually give it a couple days and plant the puck in the solo cup. Once it sprouts, I prep the solo cup by saturating the soil and letting it sit for a few days. Once I plant the puck, it doesn’t need any water until it’s time to transplant into the bigger pot. For the light, just keep an eye on the plant. If it starts stretching, lower the light a bit.


Thanks for the advice. I’ve put the cover back on and will leave on for a few days to a week, then move to a solo cup.
The humidity dome always has condensation on the lid. Should I still be spraying the lid even if it is that wet? The pellets in there often look a bit dry but I don’t know what they’re meant to look like as it’s my first time using them.
I’ll leave the light for tonight (I run my light mostly at night) and monitor stretching in the morning and go from there.

The light is just an eBay special. Growfingers 300w reflector panel. If I need to lower it, how much should I try at a time? Maybe a change by 10 inches bringing it down to 30inch?

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I should mention I’ve got a 250w HPS/MH light coming too. Got that to help with the winter weather that’s coming. Been lucky with a few warm nights but it will drop down to about 5-10*C in the worst of it. Thinking the LED might be a summer light and HPS/MH a winter light.

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If the lid still has condensation then there’s not need to spray. Dropping the light down to 30” would be fine if the plant starts stretching. If it still stretches, bring it down to 24”


If you want to grow healthy marijuana plants that yield a lot of buds, you should transplant them at some point. Transplanting involves moving a plant from its original growing medium to a different one, or changing its container to a larger one. This allows the roots of the marijuana plant to have more space to develop, which benefits the plant by making its branches stronger, its buds bigger, and its health better.

To learn how to transplant your marijuana plants successfully, please follow our guide when to transplant cannabis plants.