When to transplant from jiffy pod to cup of soil and light

Hello everyone. Have 3 feminized white widow spouting above a heat mat and below a humidity dome. When is the right time to slice off the netting and transplant into my 70% FFHF soil 30% perlite mixture into a solo cup? When would the right time to expose these to my MarsHydro TSL2000 and how far? What intensity. Sorry for all the question but some newbe anxiety set in. Thank you much in advance to everyone who’s helping.

suspect now is the time for whole “jiffy pod cup” planting in bigger dirt medium.
light distance depends upon temps/reflectivity/area illuminated. I am a week ahead of you.
Best wishes.

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Thanks. Will transplant them now. Cut out net, loosen it up, sprinkle white shark mychro. Into soil mixture. I have a marshydro TSL2000, 300w in a 2X4X6 tent.

As little intensity as possible. Don’t want the light too far away to avoid stretch. Should last 30 days in your pods. Good luck and welcome!!


Heat pad just in case temp drops.

Heat pad under seedlings and on top of 2inch pink insulating board (too cold issues) or on concrete (no heat pad and too hot issues?

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Heat pad was under the seedlings. Now they sprouted and I put the peat pods in the tent. Still having low temp issues in the tent. I put a heat pad in the tent to help.

Ur jiffy pots are dry they look like they need a drink i would put them in solo cups now ,but next dont use jiffy pods they can cause more problems then what there worth they can choke ur plants most people dont use them


I am new to growing from seeds, so I germinated a couple different ways with mixed success to see what would work best. I placed the seeds that didn’t germinate in water using the “easy method” into a similar Jiffy greenhouse with the clear plastic lid on in a window sill and I got 100% starts! My Jiffy greenhouse looks identical to yours, but with clear plastic lid. I actually had to sort and throw out the smallest because I had too many!

My only concern was that by the time they grew their first real leaves (second leaves- looks like pot leaf) the tail was popping through the cloth. Some broke the ends when I tried to carefully peel away the cloth, but they are fine. Transplanted to small plastic start containers and this batch has leapfrogged another group that I planted a week earlier! Next year I will start with small containers, regardless of the germination technique.

The fastest germination technique that worked for me was to soak two cotton rounds with seeds in-between, place in clear plastic bag, unzipped slightly and set on top of my router for heat. Had 1" tails after 24 hours. Only problem is the tail typically wraps on itself.

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similar problems experienced.
New ILGM seeds germinated GREAT (4/4 in two days.
7 year old seeds not stored properly after a month of trying to germinate, I threw the old out.
Have plenty seedlings for the yard and 4x4. (competition tent vs mother nature).
planted tail exposed in dirt, outside, nightly temps 45+
awaiting tail exposed/planted seed (in dirt or cubes), to sprout upwards with first pair leaves (cotyledons) second pair leaves (MJ distinctive) expected soon.
Not too worried about breaking roots that pierce… ROOTs on healthy plants grow more than an inch a day.(cubes transplanted into cut clear gallon plastic jugs next month trans into 4 gallon buckets).
Good luck on your grow.

My seedlings (just popped) do not like the 4x4 at full lighting or they
got NUTrient rich water on leaves some distorted/misshaped leaves for second pair leaves.
Small light fan utilized to strengthen stalks in tent (avoid stretch?)