Help with my seedlings

I a m first time indoor grower started 5 Northern Lights Feminized seeds. Planted all 5 in Jiffy Pellet tray. They all came up in 3 days. Now they are already 3 and 4" Tall. I have them on my cable box for heat. I bought a Tent with everything in it. It’s 32/32/63" with the 600 LED LIGHT. My wife says to leave them alone until she gets home. I as m worried they are going to die and I need to Transplant. But the tent I bought the 2 3 gallon fabric grow pots were not in there so I had to order some from HD.My question is I have a fan blowing on them. Should I put them in my grow tent for 1 hour 1rst day 11/2 hour second day and so on until I get them transplanted. Or just leave them on my cable box until wife gets home Friday morning? Ranman.P. S. They are 5 days old today and already 3 to 4 inches tall already and leaning that’s why I am afraid they might just get to tall and die.


I moved your post to it’s own topic so hopefully will get you more attention. Enjoy the forum!

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Do you currently have them under the light?

They are leaning because its not a good light. I would wait till Friday before transplanting which I hate.

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They are only 8 days old and about 4"s tall. I put them in my tent for 1 hour one day 11)2 next day and 2 hours today. I just got my 3 gallon fabric grow pots today. I believe I will transplant them into the 3 gallon pots tomorrow when wife gets home and put them in the tent with light at 18 on 6 off. I hope it’s not to early??? Ranman.

Should have them put under the light as soon as they sprouted, they stretched due no/low light. Go at least 18/6, for seedlings I use 24/0 to keep temps up and stable for a week or 2.

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Should I transplant them into my 3 gallon fabric grow pots or just put Jiffy Pellets tray in Tent? Thanks for your help. Ranman.

You do either, but I’d go ahead and transplant, gives you a chance to put a couple inches of stem under the soil so they won’t be so stretched out.

They are still in Jiffy Pellets and I put them in the tent. Just got my 3 gallon grow pots filled with FFOF& Perlite. I will transplant the best two out of five tomorrow. I want to put the other three in one gallon pots they are going outside. Ranman.

Can you post pics yet to See what your working with? You can bury all that long stem when you transplant them tomorrow remember. Good luck. Btw Im strong advocate for up potting helps the roots. Unless ofcourse it’s an auto which you wanna stress very little. Sounds like the wife will be happy you didn’t kill them… LoL it also sounds like you’ve taken an interest as well. Great hobby… i love it and this forum helps a lot too if ya got questions we live talking bout herb!!

Thanks I can use all the help I can get. Two of them where like 4" tall and leaning alot. The other two are like 3 inches not much lean. One I cut when a guy on here was trying to tell me just remove the Dome. My bad. So I will put the two 3 inch one’s in my 3 gallon fabric grow pots. The rest I will put in 1 gallon pots. If any but the best two survive they are going outside. Fortunately I live with lots of woods around. I have them in the tent now,still in Jiffy Pellets. Can’t believe they got that tall in 3 or 4 days. Today is day 9 they will 10 days old tomorrow and I will go to 18/6 Lights. I need all the help I can get. I don’t know what I Am doing. My Tent is puffed out like a balloon? Is that normal?

I have the luxury of a grow room…lol laughing cause calling it a room is a stretch… 1/4 of a shed really. Shit fill that tent till it pops, but with plants is the idea. LoL just wait till they are 3 weeks into veg they’ll grow over an inch a day if let loose.

I run my tent with the sides slightly sucked in, to cause negative pressure, due to concerns with controlling smell. Positive pressure, walls puffed out will make it difficult to control smell, been my experience, if you are concerned about controlling the smell. I would be even if in a legal state, my business ain’t nobody else’s bidness :v:

My plants were 10 days old when I put them in my 32/32/63" tent. That was Sunday I have been checking and my pH level is about 7.What should I do. The two best looking plants are staying in the tent. The other two will be put outside. The temp is running between 77 to 79. I don’t see much growth. I hope the Transplant didn’t shock them to Death. I am all in about $600 Bucks. Any Suggestions would be great. Ranman.

What is the question ??? Syo about what issue. Putting them outside its about that time. I put one out too early 3 weeks ago and will be waiting 2 more weeks until we are slightly over @ 13 hrs of daylight…

I live in the mid Atlantic it still is getting down in the 40,s at night. I am more worried about the two in my tent. But they are only two weeks old. Ranman.

Take a pic, show us what’s going on with your sprouts.

Also, don’t put plants outside til your overnight lows are above 60F.

They have been inside my tent for six days on the 18/6 light schedule. I am only using 3 gallon fabric grow pots. Should I put my FFOF Soil to the very top? Now the soil & extra Perlite are about 1 1/2 below the top of the grow bags. Ranman.

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Sure, maybe not all the way to the top, but add some to help hold up the stems.

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Uh yes… This thread!!! The one with absolutely NO PICTURES!!! @Ranman you’ll get much better advice so it’s understood clearly with pics up my friend. Not to mention some of the meaner growers will claim it didn’t happen w/o pictures. LoL are you having problems posting pics, do you need hellraiser to give ya a tutorial. Ha ha
One good thing about keeping the soil slightly lower is being able to support seedlings with lanky stems by adding more soil if needed.

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