When to transfer my seedlings?

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

When should I transfer them and should I use peat and soil when I put in bigger pot.

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You can transfer any time now and bury them about an inch from the top.


I personally let them in Jiffy just enough to get some roots on the bottom of the tabs… After that i put them in soil but still spraying them whit water… Be careful to not have a hot soil (miracle grow is not a good idea :bulb:). Don’t feed them also.

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thanks , appreciate good advice . happy holidays

is fox farms or organic best soil for replanting
thanks and happy holidays

Hey there, @bab315. Welcome to ILGM!

Fox Farms Happy Frog is my soil of choice. Ocean Forest is popular as well, but it’s a bit hot for some strains.

Make sure you bury them well, as said above with an inch above the soil. They look stretched and probably could use a bit more light if you can do so without heat stressing them.

Best of luck and enjoy your grow! :smiley:

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thank you , just ordered 45 watt led
been using t5 only . ok thanks 3 high5you

gotta be a story behind that name .

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The story is pretty lit. Nah, not really, it just sounded better than 2high4you.

You will need more then 45w… You need at least 35 per square foot, the best is around 50w. Read carefully the description of the product. When you are looking for led’s products you need to know how much is drawn from the wall… My meizhi 450w is having only 192w real and I use that for 2x2x5 space where I grow 2 small plants

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How do they look 2 days on 45 led
I have clamp leds at 60 watts. Too
They reacted good to new lights
2nd set of true leaves are forming.
Just water and light no nutes yet.
How do they look ?

Go ahead and get them in their final home. That amount of roots is plenty! Everything looking good so far.

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thanks where from 3high ?

where are you from

From Australia originally, but am currently living in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Cold as balls and drier than a nun’s nasty! It was much easier to grow back home where it was 75-80 degrees and humid all year round. Stuff a seed in some dirt outside and watch it go bonkers. This indoor hydro thing has a hell of learning curve, but they tell me it’s the way to go.

Where are you at @bab315?


Day 16 of big bud grow replanted 9 seedlings
5. Into 3 gal. Smart pots and 4 into self watering
3 gal .pots using garden soil and ecoscraps
Mixed with blood meal 3 days after transplant
Looks like they like the soil but it still under 5.5
Water ph is 7.4. Should I wait before using ph up for
Atleast a week. Thanks


3HIGH HELP !! 8 days after transplant all my girls are drooping
ph and light levels the same looked fine first 5 days noticeed yellow on leave tips
now they look sick . please any advise would be appreaciated

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Post some pictures please…sorry for the late response

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If you have peat moss in the soil, it makes it more acidic. But you really should adjust the pH down to 6.5. You can use less than a teaspoon of vinegar per gallon. pH too high creates mineral lockout and plants get sick.

I just transferred my seedlings 2 weeks after sprouting. I Used different methods like banana, eggs, tea bags and coffee grounds. Did I over do it?