Blue dream auto flower help

I have a 10 day old seedling that is ready to be transplanted and was wondering if I should use a seed starter soil to start or if it was alright to go ahead and plant in the fox farm ocean forest soil I purchased?

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Welcome to the community you should used the soil that you plant go to had until mature same with pots
I will be looking if you tag me in you journal I had some blue dreams autos seed I’m wait to drop


10days is probably fine to transplant into its final home.
You can soften the transplant shock by mixing ocean forest with some starting mix in the area where the seedling will go. An area about the size of a softball.

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Yeah, I use seedling mix for when they first break ground. After that, they go to forever homes and forever soils…

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Am I having a low ph problem or a different deficiency?
Not sure if my ph tester is that accurate but showing a 5.0

I’m about 8 weeks in and gave a gallon of tiger bloom water as of yesterday

Any help is appreciated

@PELINC i use fox farm ocean’s and happy frog potting soil with extra perlite and i transplanted directly into a 10g fabric pot with no problems whatsoever… my super skunk auto babies loved it… it only took a couple days before they took off and i mean they growing up to 2 inches a day so don’t worry to much… just be sure to water around the edge of your pots so the roots have to search for water… i did water them in a little but i 1st watered a ring about 6inches around the plant to get them started… put a fan blowing on them and make them shake a little that will also get the roots going good… believe it or not I’ve only watered them 3 times in 2 weeks because its a big pot and it didn’t need it… i also put hay on top of my soil to keep the micro’s happy…here is my 24 day old super skunk auto plant… hope it helps

I feel like my girls are a little gimpy the last two days.
I planted them in fox farm ocean forest in 3 gallon cloth pots on 10/31.
I feel the leaves are telling me its a sulfur issue?
Also is the fox farm trio ok to use with this soil type or will it be too much?
Any thoughts would would be appreciated