New grow and seeds won't come up

I am starting a new grow using ff happy frog soil. I’m growing 2 plants each of blueberry auto, amnesia haze auto, northern lights auto, train wreck fem, and gold leaf fem. The problem is after getting all seeds germiated with good tails popping out, only one gold leaf and both amnesia haze have come out of the soil. I planted 10 days ago. I keep the soil moist but not wet. My last grow with sour diesel and strawberry kush is going good. I can’t figure out what’s wrong. The amnesia haze came up in 3 days and is well on it’s way. I know autos don’t like transplant so I started in the soil they will finish in.

How deep you put them. I personally put them in Jiffy tabs and 1/3 inch deep

About 1/2 inch.

Not so deep! Wait for them a little more, and don’t forget to spray them whit ph’ed water… Be careful to not overwater them and also keep a eye on temperature.


I’m growing them in a seed starter I made with a big tub from Walmart and a kitchen vent a hood with 8 12 watt LED bulbs. With the hood fan on low, the temp is never above 80. Mostly I keep it the same as my grow rooms. About 77f. The lights put out about 5,000 lumens at the plants. I have 2 Kush clones and 2 diesel clones in the same box. They are doing great so I think the light and temps should be good. I followed the ILGM guys advice the whole way. Way better knowledge than a bunch of the other sites . I will never buy seeds from anyone else. They are way more expensive than some, but we’ll worth it.

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It’s your soil , happy frog is a little hot not as bad as ocean forest but still. Fox farm light warrior is for seeds and clones. Or try a rapid rooter they work great

I use FFOF I like the results Im getting. I also like the fact I don’t have to do anything other than water with PHed water for the first 3 wks.

The diesel and strawberry kush I’m in the flower stage with now were started in a super soil I made myself with 1/3 garden soil from the grocery store, 1/3 ocean forest, and the rest mushroom compost, worm castings, bone meal, perlite, and vermiculite. I think that soil was probably real hot. All but one of the 10 plants came up and seem to be pretty good.

I guess I got real lucky

I’m in the same boat I am trying to grow blue goo in FFOF, because it worked on all my seeds last year, under 3 1600 lumens 6500k lights and my seddling doesn’t seem to be getting any bigger. I’m not feeding it. I put it in the soil about 1/2" in on 8/25/17. I only water when the first few inches is looking dry. Ph water at 6.7. Around 77°F. Any thoughts

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I used 6.2 water at first and a mister. I had no clue what to do myself so I watched hours and hours of YouTube about seed starting. Roberts people can probably help. They sure helped me by reading their support section and this forum. Believe it or not, I started out feeding them a light ppm of the grow nutes. As I said, I was clueless so I was misting with grow and didn’t kill one plant

Give her some time… I think she’s growing down first(root system) and soon will start showing some progress

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Ok. Ya I don’t want to pull her.

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Why don’t you do a grow journal @JDSMOKE that way we can leave @OldSkunk to do his thing here and we can look at your girl on a topic just for you!

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