Beginner need help plase

good morning , i have new to the forum and a newbie to growing . i have started my first plants, germinated the seeds and planted in cup of soil. they are about a week old - my question and help needed is, it was recommend to use Happy Frog potting soil and was told that would be all i needed. has anyone else used this soil and if so do you use straight or should i mix before i move to larger pot - also please let me know what nutrients are recommended to use after moving to larger pot and when should i move them. right now they are about 2" tall and just the first set of leaves. much needed help please and is greatly apprecaited

@lynn4349 You can stick with fox farms products seeing you are using happy frog. Trio for nutrients could transplant into ocean forest soil.

Welcome to ILGM ! Happy Frog is great soil and will last you throughout the grow. The Fox Farms Trio is good to grow with the soil. You can transplant into Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil later when the plants are big enough to tolerate the soil. It is a little stronger than Happy Frog and can burn new, young plants.

Since you are new to growing, I strongly recommend that you download Robert’s Grow Bible that has a lot of information in it for new (and experienced) growers. That will explain a lot of the things that new growers need to know.

Good luck in your grow. Do not be afraid to ask questions, we were all new growers at one time.


Welcome to forum! As you can see lots of growers here happy to help!
Happy Growing!!!

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Thank you for your help

i will check out the Grow bible

One more question - on the ocean forest soil , should I mix with the happy frog and if so how much should I use

one thing i am having trouble with the seedlings, the soil never seems to feel like it has been watered. i dont want to over water but each day it is dry clear to the bottom of the cup its in. Any suggestions?

I like pro mix soil my self. I get a bale of it from Wal-Mart for $9.00 And use fox farm trio and air pots. Here is a pic of my grow

Usually mixing perlite with the soil will help it retain water a little better. 15-25% perlite will help you retain a little more water.

Ocean Forest can be mixed with perlite and you can add some Happy Frog. One way that has been suggested is to put the bottom part of the pot mixed 1/2 and 1/2 of both and then on the top layer, Happy Frog only. That way the young plant will grow through the HF and as it gets bigger, it will reach the OF/HF mix and allow it to grow better and use the additional nutrients in the OF.

Hope that helps you. :us::man_farmer:


Thank you TXGrowman

This mixture of OF/HF perlite be ok to start the seedlings in or just use HF and perlite and when ready to transplant into the bigger pot use the OF/ HF perlite mix

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That’s exactly right! You can layer OF on the bottom of your pot when you transplant up which is what a lot of growers do.

One bit of advice: get a good PH meter and Standard Reference Solution and PH your water to 6.3 to 6.8 every time. When you feed use the soil schedule for the nutrient line you are using and work up to full values.

Do you mix them half and half then add perlite?

Amazon mix :innocent:

Premier Horticulture 10380RG Pro-Mix Professional Grower Mix, Compressed Bale, 3.8 cu. ft.

Hi! I cannot find where to post a question but I hope you can help! My first seedling just came up this morning but it is totally yellow!! Any idea what could be wrong?

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If your in soil its too wet. Let her dry out! All you need @ this point is misting around base.