When to switch to 12/12? What would you do?

I started with 10 Girl Scout Cookies Extreme (auto) and 10 Super Lemon Haze (Fem), got the seeds here. Followed the germ instructions, but seeds were slow and weak. Ended up with only 4 Lemon and 2 GSC. So I reordered and bought 10 Blackberry Kush to fill the room. They all germinated ( strong & healthy) and ended up with 9 BBK (Fem) plants. My problem is I have only one room to grow in. The GSC are flowering and are on day 48 the lemons have preflowered. The BBK’s are still in Veg and on day 24. Do I have to wait for the BBK’s to preflower before I go to 12/12? I can only grow 1 time a year, so I need to produce as much medicine as I can. Not sure how to handle this situation. I had finned them all as well. What would you do.

Any help please and thanks.

If you have room to let the others grow I’d let the bbk get bigger before I flipped. That’s what I’d do.

You can flip whenever you want, but the BBK might be on the small side.

As txcanna says, if you can wait it could help yield. I would go on more week.

Good luck

Thank you both…I think I will.


Suggest you give priority to the BBK. You stated they are much more healthy and as such continued vegging will add to the harvest. Might be worth letting them veg for 2 more weeks.
In the DWC…that will really help the roots fill the buckets.
Btw…nice looking Ladies…:cowboy_hat_face::vulcan_salute::v:

Thanks all.
My Lemons may get a little too tall, would it hurt the plant to bend them being they are ready to flower? Have the feeling they will get too tall by waiting.

Autos will flower under 24 hours of light. So keep your vegg light schedule for the bbk until you are ready to drop to 12/12 and everything will ok