When to add ladybugs?

i bought ladybugs to control my whitefly & spider mite problem, my girls were already in the end stages of flowering. I didn’t know what to do ( 1st grow ) I researched N ladybugs were the best & my last resort I didn’t want to use chemicals & boy do they work great! I’m going to start another grow ( about 6 / 10 plants ) I want to know when is the best time to add ladybugs ( I didn’t have a chance on my first grow to get any ladies sooner) this time I want to nip the pest problem early .thnx everyone.


Lady bugs go where the food is, so if there isn’t anything to eat, they don’t stick around. I would wait until there are some kind of signs of pests on the plants. You can use Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Juice. I spray 2 times a week as a preventative. If pests arrive, then I spray every day until they are gone, then every other day for a week, then back to preventative maintenance.


Hi @weedwoman420 welcome to the neighborhood :grinning: I was talking to my brother he works in a nursery he’s just maintenance but helps inside with projects he actually had to build little birdhouse looking things for the ladybugs to live in and breed ,anyways he way saying that they feed the ladybugs with raisins and other fruits and hanging wet paper towels for them to drink from to keep them from wanting to leave he said they were supposed to be planting some plants to help feed them but he didn’t remember what plants they were but that the ladybugs ate the pollen from them. My point is if you want to keep the ladybugs you can feed them and when any bugs show up they’ll wipe them out for you before you even know they’re around… good luck :+1:


My girls about 3 weeks from harvest and i have a bug problem
Shoukd i invest in some lady bugs to stop this problem or is there a spray that can be used at this time of the flowering Stage??
I quit using neem oil anout 2.5 weeks ago bc of flowing stage and these suckers moved in quick! Please help!

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I would suggest captain jacks, not sure lady bugs will clear all that up in 3 weeks.