What's the best way to transition seedling from indoors tent to outdoor heat?

Hello, I’ve got 2 auto seedlings in the tent that I want to put out on my deck soon. It’s 90+ degrees F out on the deck now.

What’s the best way to transition? Ideas?


I put mine in a spot that doesn’t get any direct sun until late in the afternoon, like AFTER the hottest part of the day. The second day I move them to where they get an hour or two of morning light, shaded during the hottest part of the day and again another hour or two in late afternoon.
The third day they just get put out in the sun and it’s up to them to sink or swim.
They all swam! LOL!

Years ago I asked a old rancher about pulling calves out of their moms and he said those babies usually ended up dying anyway as they were weak from the get go. I kinda transplanted that idea to plants.
If you’re strong you’ll survive. If not I’ll start another bean!

Honestly I think it’s best to just start them outside and don’t worry about it. Millions of seeds pop and grow just fine in full, blazing sun and never miss a beat!

It’s the same reason I run UVA from start to finish inside. The sun doesn’t turn off it’s UV. Why should I?
And I’m pretty sure the UVA from the sun is WAY more intense that that from my FGI UVA light.


I would start with a couple hours of direct sunlight a day.and gradually increase.

The sun is hot, much respect, lol


This is an Ethos Haze auto I started for outside late summer phase. Started in a paper towel, moved to a Solo in the tent. first set of true leaves she went into full sun in a 85+ week in Central Virginia.
No shade, no acclimation, no rain!
Dropped her into a giant pot late last week at first site of roots at the side of the clear Solo.
This was her yesterday about a week after drooping into the pot.

In fact - none of my outside girls were given any more special treatment this summer other than placing them next to a larger pot which would shade them at certain parts of the day. And that didn’t last longer than a few days on any of them before they were dropped into HUGE black plastic pots!

My early summer auto Ethos Citradelic Sunset.

These are all clones of my inside moms.
2 green cages are ethos XXX the red cage is Ethos Original CrescendO X Grandpas Satsh.
The big girls get about 3-4 gallons every 4-5 days depending…
No kid gloves used in any step of the procedures. :rofl:

Here’s the mamas!



Gonna be a GOOD fall!

:laughing: :joy: :rofl:


Great great great advice from everyone on this topic!

I’m on it now!!!

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Just look at those rich colors will you??.

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One thing that’s true of any plant is to make sure it roots deep before it goes outside.
Try to let it go longer between watering’s so the roots have to grow deep.
This will help it endure the heat better as it can access more water.

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They are both out in the shade on the deck. After only 3 hours, the leaves have turned upwards like they should and the color has changed to deep green. It’s amazing how the outdoors helps these plants vs having them in the tent.


Very soon you’ll see them start to follow the sun also, bending East to West. :sunny:

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