Outside to indoor

i have an a few out door plants there about 3 foot each and they are doing realy good but they are in need to be moved because they are noticed from a few of my friends that dont need to know about that so will it harm the plant if bring it inside and have it under 900watt cfl

Acclimation is the key, bring it inside when the outside temp is going to be most similar, maybe early morning, first light, if it gets hotter outside than inside. If it’s cold outside and hot inside then maybe take it inside in the late afternoon when it might be the warmest. CFLs won’t match the sun, but you can bring them real close to keep it real bright. Just be careful of heat, test it kinda like a baby bottle on a sensitive part of you forearm/wrist and if it’s too hot to your skin, it is too hot for the plant. I assume you have them in portable pots cuz digging them up can cause a lot of problems.

I’m an outdoor grower. I’ve sprouted some Jack Herer seeds and the’ve been in a potting soil for 6 days. When can they take all day direct sun.
One of the plants is having a hard time starting it’s stretch.
Mid day sun has been pretty intense here in Hawaii and the air has been in the 90s.

Hi, you can give them full light once they have a couple of full leaves on them. I only grow hydro but I know some people who grow outdoors and they have them in partial sun as soon as the seed cracks and every couple of days they move them to a spot that gets more light and they do that for 2 weeks until it’s in full sun it works for them so I guess that’s an option.

Happy growing, Brendan.

Acclimation is the key. Watch the plant, you’ll see it tell you if it’s too much sun, and then put it back in some shade. Indoor growers do it by slowly bringing the light closer and closer until at the minimum safe distance is reached. The same would be for outdoors, exposing it to more and more direct sunlight, over a few days to a week or two until the plant is in full sun all the time.