Moving and flowering

A question from a fellow grower:

I have a outdoor potted plant, almost 4 months old. Getting big and worries of the man or pirates are driving me crazy. I would like to move it indoors to a cfl 125 watt bloom bulb, and force budding with a 12/12 light cycle. She is short and stocky, probebly less then 3 ft. By 3ft. Many questions. Do you think my proposed lighting configuration and plant size would thrive? Would the move shock out the plant too detrimentally? Is a move indoors to force budding a good idea? For me yes, but for the plant and its natural proggression? As it is now the plant only gets about 6 hours of direct sun the rest of the day is indirect ambient light. How to aclimate plant for success?. I could babble queries all night

Acclimation is the key. Maybe start by moving them into an outdoor shaded area for longer parts of the day or erect a shade where they are, and do this for a couple of weeks. Besides light intensity, there are other things to think about as far as acclimation is concerned, like temperature of course, but also humidity could be an issue as most air conditioned indoors areas will sometimes be much dryer than outdoors. You need to acclimate for these conditions as well. That light, I think might not be enough. You need about a minimum of 2000 to 3000 lumens per square foot, more ideally would be about 5000 but you can go as high as about 10,000 lumens or maybe even higher per square foot. 10,000 lumens per square foot is approximate to sunlight outdoors at noon at sea level during a lightly cloudy/hazy day, or something like that, lol.

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Moving a thriving plant 4’ tall from outside to inside under a mere 125 watt lamp, will result in major stretching and elongation of under canopy area. Possible mold mildew problems. A plant that size should cause some humidity issues in a small space.

If you can light the under canopy with a strong side light as well as your top lamp; And; Rotate the plant 3-4 times a week. That might help you achieve what you are attempting to do.