Just a curious question

I have this auto flower in my veg tent on 20/4 light cycle. It’s pretty far into veg but my veg tent doesn’t have any red spectrum so I’m afraid the nugs won’t develop to their full potential.

Would I be nuts to put this outside right now?

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Is not problem to move outdoor just make sure you look you plant because outdoor
Spiders, bug, fly, caterpillar can get you plant like new home

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Don’t put it in full sunlight immediately. Work it into it. Since it’s an auto it’s not gonna mess up the finish time as long as you don’t shock it with too much full sun right away. Start partially shaded and work her out. Like hardening for a led/hps light. As long as she isn’t just thrown full blast to the intensity of the sun off the bat I bet you’ll get a higher yield than if you kept her inside. Give her a full day in mostly shade, then slowly move her out of the shade. She’ll tell you if it’s too much too fast. If you aren’t utilizing infared, since she was born and raised to maturity inside. She can now take advantage of the photons in infared light for photosynthetic energy. So putting her outside now gives her and advantage over other outside plants too. Since if you put them out real young they will become immune to infared photons since it’s too intense in the early stages of plant life. Crazy to think that’s not automatic. So much science in the plant. You can’t beat the sun with a light. But you can improve the plants capable use of the sun’s light by keeping it indoor with no ir light for the first 1-2, not sure exactly just not seedling or near, months of its life. Now it can go under the sun and the sun is now more efficient.


Okay cool, thanks for the input!

I think I’m going to try it. I need to make some room in my veg tent and think it would be a cool little experiment

Appreciate it✌️

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I may be confusing that with ultra Violet. Or maybe it’s both. Guess I need a refresher, which is here.

This one is better tho. That one is more about led and it doesn’t get to the point. This is longer. But explains some stuff.

Are you talking about one of the plants in the back, because the plant in the foreground is well into flower.

I harden off my seedlings and clones at a very early age. I find a couple of hours of even indirect sunlight over a couple of days is sufficient. I’ve never lost a plant that I moved outdoors. Even months later.

Really nice looking plants.

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Great looking plants! And like everyone said make sure you harden them off before placing them in direct sunlight. You can really ruin a great plant by doing that so be sure not to. Happy growing

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