What's going on with my seedling?

Hey to everyone who reads this. I’m new to this and i need a bit of assistance. I’m using Promix HP Mycorrhizae in a 4’’ pot for my seedling that has grown about 3 inches. The seedling grew a lot during the first 1 and a half, one day when i gave it a bit more water i noticed it grew a lot during those hours maybe about 6-8 hours. But now it suddenly stopped growing vigorously and the leaves were and still are showing some unnatural look to them and i just cannot figure out whats causing it. I was very careful to not over-water or under-water, only watering when needed when the soil gets a little dry. I have these pictures that i took recently and to me it looked like it was being under-watered. They have these ribbed look to the leaves and the top set of leave tips seem to be turning upwards. If anyone can help that would be a life saver, please and thank you very much??Uploading: Seedling.jpg…


Welcome to ILGM! The “riibbed” look is puffy leaves from over watering. Also droopy stems is a sign as well. Perhaps may even need to be transplanted. Let’s call in a couple pros to get you squared away. Good luck!

@Myfriendis410 @Missiles @HornHead could y’all help here?


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Good call @Jbum she does look over watered. I would definitely let her dry out for a couple days.


Soil does look a little wet. I’d just give a small amount of water around the outer edge of pot


Thanks a lot guys :slight_smile: its good to be here. I really appreciate your replys, good points you made. @Jbum isnt it kinda early for transplanting? I was kinda thinking that too plus i seen roots showing out the bottom of the pot, so im not sure?? From the beginning the soil was moist so i just sprayed after that when i thought it needed it and for the first time i added a bigger amount of water and literally seen it grow in a few hours and thought the plant was thirsty. So i used that for later watering and even added a bit more but and neither of those times did i let any water runoff so i thought i couldnt be overwatering?? Because i know everyone says to let about 20% runoff but i didnt. And just to add did you notice how one leaf has only one side leaf and not two like in a normal three way leaf in early stage growth.

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And just to add the soil was getting dry in about 2 days, I use a moisture meter to check for moisture and been watering according to that. Don’t know if the meter is good or not? Sorry for the long post guys!!


Thanx Cyle1

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Notice how the leaves look wrinkled the tip turning down, that’s your P H
You need to check it A.S.A.P

Here is my pic of P H Problems



Well I can’t tell the size of the pots did you start them in those pots? Are they Photos or autos?

Thak you garrigan65. My water pH was at 6.5 and i don’t know about the soil. Thanx for your post :slight_smile:

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Absolutely your very welcome hope you stick around and enjoy this great forum I will tag you in my grow journals if you would like

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The pot size is 4 inches and yea i started it there. What do you men by Photos? I’m not sure if it is autoflowering, i just had a seed laying around from a batch of green.

Next watering, water till you get water comming out of the bottom. Check the P H of that and you’ll know what’s going on. But you can tag me any time would like to follow your grow as well


Then more than likely not Autos. I would go with whatever @garrigan62 suggestions are as he grows nothing but quality!

Ya, I want to know what the run off is. Pro-Mix has like 0 p h and i doubt My-corrhizae has anything to do with it, It’s a fungus
There for the run off should be about the same maybe not, need to find out !

Promix HP is a medium without nutrients. What are you feeding and how often?

PH 6.5 is too high for Promix IMO and shoot for 6.0.

Roots out of the bottom means transplant! Fabric pots will help with drainage.

What strain, auto or photo?


I will let you know as soon as it needs watering.

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Ohh really i didn’t know that, I wasn’t feeding at all from the beginning just plain water and the last time i gave some Molasses with Filtered tap water pH 6.1- gave some pH Up to 6.5. And for the strain i’m not sure what it is i think its kush just don’t know which one cuz i had it laying around from the stash i was smoking but i don’t think its auto tho. Yea nice white roots are starting to show at the bottom but the plant seems to be still small only 3 inches and the leaves aren’t that big really, i kinda hope it needs transplanting can be fun :smiley:, exciting. Plus i was thinking of grabbing some FoxFarm potting soil and transplanting into that to my next container with some perlite into the mix.

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Sorry guys for the late response, only had a limited amount of replys!:cry:

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