Not sure if seedling is yellow?

Hey guys, I’m on my first grow and I’m not too sure if she’s a bit yellow on the edges or not?

If so, is it possibly due to PH? Or perhaps because I mixed a tiny bit of root booster into the water the other day? Or could it be too much light? She’s currently on 24hr light.

or all the above? Fill out the support ticket and we will give you a hand @Dopehat

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Age from Sprout:

Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco / Brand and type of Soil & Size of Pots:

How often do you water and how do you determine when to do so?

PH of water and runoff or solution in reservoir:

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS:

Indoor or Outdoor:

Light system, size and height from plants:

Temps; Day, Night:

Humidity; Day, Night:

Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size:

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier:

Co2; Yes, No:

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I’m with @bob31 on the support ticket
But I’ll ask one thing how close are the lights
type and wattages so actually three things

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Strain: Med Gom 1.0, Autoflower

Age from Sprout: 16 days

Hydroponic DWC

How often do you water and how do you determine when to do so? She’s currently in propagation dome in rockwool cube. Rockwool cube was placed in water + 1ml root booster solution (1ml per 1 litre of water). Then I wet the rockwool cube a few days ago as it was getting a tiny bit dry, I put about 0.5ml of root booster solution (per 1 litre water). Not sure if I should have done that? She seems to have been turning yellow after that day.

PH of water and runoff or solution in reservoir: NA (I haven’t tested PH, Hydro store said I could get by for now without testing as Melbourne PH is pretty good?? I might get a PH test kit today though from the fish store today.

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS: NA?

Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor

Light system, size and height from plants: Mars II 400 LED. Currently 30 inches above seedling. (MarsHydro website actually recommends 24" seedling) She’s currently on 24hr light (light hasn’t been turned off ever at this stage).

Temps; Day, Night: NA

Humidity; Day, Night: Not sure (she’s currently in propagation dome with holes open half way in an effort to have her at about 75% humidity but to be honest I have no idea what it is).

Ventilation system; I have a Phresh Intake Filter (150 MM x 200 MM) “pre filter for cool tube” not currently turned on. I think that’s more for the smell but also somewhat ventilation too?

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier: NA

Co2; Yes, No: NA

So to confirm, she seemed ok I think until I watered the rockwool (with a solution of water and root booster (barely any booster added, less than 0.5ml per litre of water), I suspect that’s where things went wrong? Around that same time I also lowered the light to 30", it was previously at around 35"

@bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971

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So today she’s definitely looking more yellow :frowning:

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@Dopehat sorry I’m a soil guy and I’ve never use rock wool before
I’ll tag a few of the guys for you tho
@Donaldj our friend is looking for some info on hydro
@Hogmaster she’s having issues with the Rock wool and her plant


So I went to my local hydro store today and both staff there advised me that they’re quite certain she’s hungry. So I’m going to feed her a tiny bit of nutrients. Fingers crossed :neutral_face:

Thanks so much, you’re the best! I just got back from my hydro store and they’ve told me they’re quite sure she’s hungry. I’m about to feed her some nutes so we’ll see what happens. Hoping it’ll be ok! :slight_smile:

I wound think she has enough food her feeder leaves are still on I don’t usually feed till they fall off @Dopehat
The rock wool cube needs to stay moist are you phing your water I’m guessing yes
Don’t feed her yet let’s get a few more eyes on her first
Do you have roots coming through the cube yet


I’m gonna say she isn’t phing her water to 5.8

The pH is pretty good in Melbourne theory doesn’t really work with Cannabis. Also you need to let your water sit out in the open for at least 24 hours to allow the chloramin or chlorine evaporate or that will make them sickly too.

I’d wait to hear from one of the soiless folks before you give nutrients


Oh no I fed her @Countryboyjvd1971 as soon as I got home from the Hydro store :neutral_face: I’m worried. I guess I’ll see what happens… I did say to the hydro guy that I thought she wouldn’t need any nutes at all yet and he said every strain is different and that he was confident she wanted a tiny feed. I hadn’t PH’d water at all until today either.

I tested my plain tap water that had been sitting out for a day and the PH was 7 (so up until today she’s presumably been receiving water with a PH of 7). I put the nutrients in as per instructions from hydro store and tested PH an hour later and it was 5.5. So I wet the rockwool with that mixture of 5.5PH water and nutes. Definitely a bit concerned for her wellbeing, anxious to see how she looks tomorrow.

Also, yes definitely roots coming out from the rockwool.

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@bob31 You’re right, the PH has been off. I should have gone with my original instinct of getting the PH correct from the start because when I asked my hydro store about it at the very start of my grow he did say that PH is important but that I will get by with tap water / non PH’d for the moment :neutral_face: So I’m pretty sure she’s been receiving water with a PH of 7 this whole time. Also, I have dechlorinator that I put in the water, rather than leaving it sit out for 24hrs.

Hmm… I now feel like it was simply the PH being too high that’s turning her yellow. Hopefully some of that 5.5 PH water might help… just as long as the nutrient mix that the hydro store told me to put in doesn’t upset her too much.

Well the thing is that there are zero nutrients in those cubes. As long as it was a light dose of nutes she should be ok. I wouldn’t worry. @Dopehat

I would hold off adding any more nutes until one of the soil less guys checks in though.

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Thanks @bob31 , it was an extremely low dose of nutrients, even lower than what the hydro store recommended. Just hoping this works out because I’m really seeking pain relief out of all of this in the end but I do understand that it’s all brand new to me so it’s just not going to be perfect, it’s all trial and error I guess :slight_smile:

@Dopehat all good ok so it sounds like a ph issue then no more food tho don’t want to cook her tender roots if anything a foliage feeding would be better at that stage but not till the round leaves fall off
I think she’ll pull threw don’t panic yet lol


Thanks @Countryboyjvd1971 I’m counting on her being a strong gal like her mumma :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I hear ya. I just looked at your profile to be sure I knew where you were. My sister lives west of you a few hundred miles.

What strain is that and how many are you growing? What are you doing after the cube? @Dopehat

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I’m sure she is @Dopehat hahahah
They are tuff plants for sure


I’d personally just go into 16/8 light cycle for a day and see if she improves, if not, maybe the funniest bit of cal mag possible! Like 1/10th or even 15th the recommended

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The light cycle makes sense @McLovin777 seeing as it’s been nothing but 24/7 light so far. I’ll have to go buy a timer tomorrow for the light!

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