What you guys think. How much longer? Its a white widow auto

I have a white widow autoflower that is now 4 months old and 5 feet tall. She is almost done. I want highest thc levels as possible. Just wondering how much longer she has im no expert and dono when to pull?

I’d say you’re within the window for peak THC. just know that you sacrifice some bulk when you harvest “early” aka when the trichomes are almost all cloudy and showing no amber. You can see visually you have some bulking left to go on the buds from the copious fresh white pistils.

That said, base when to harvest off the trichomes - if the bud trichs are telling you it’s time to go, then follow the trichs. If you want to wait another week or two, she’ll plump up a bit and you will likely not sacrifice quality, just a marginal thc %

I asked the same question on this

gorilla glue today that is on day 86. I was told 7 to 10 days as I don’t have any amber on my buds, and even some clear.