What to do with mothers

ive recently started cloning for the first time. I picked 4 of my favorite strains and spent a couple grows selecting the best phenomenon I had of each. Now I’ve taken my first clones from them and next grow will be my first full clone grow.

I have run into an unexpected area of ignorance tho.

My grows are 2.5 to 3(flower) months long usually with these strains. I want to have clones ready to go in as soon as the others come out. However, the mothers are growing out of control. I’ve reduced notes a bit and light is a meizhi so it ain’t exactly controllable.

Do I just trim and toss till I need more clones or is there a way to control and slow growth??

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You could take clones whenever they’re available, and flower them as soon as they have roots. You would have a decent perpetual grow that way.

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Yeah agree, you should be cloning often and selecting the finest examples. Keep the mother compact by what is called heading back in the tree world. What you do is, cut out the central leader and remove half of the upper 2 branches to a healthy growing node. Then take cuttings off the lower branches, which by the way, tend to clone easier than upper tops. Continue to reduce new growth on laterals by doing this over and over. You can maintain a pretty squat bush this way. It does require the odd thick cut here and there. You will essentially be replacing old wood with the closer branches of new wood.
I wish I new how to explain this visually.
Take any branch and follow it back to the first node closest to the main trunk. Cut the entire branch off there and grow out the already formed secondary branch, does that make sense? You can do this repeatedly, it is a donor plant and not meant to flower anyway, so looks are secondary.


Cooler temps slow it down, but I just top that mother every time she starts getting too tall. I’m usually sick of a strain after 6 months.

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not too much issue with tall, but wide. Its a bush…lol.