Question about cloning

Can you clone the clones, or do you need to clone the mother you originally cloned from?

you can clone clones too but mothers are typically kept on diets slightly lower in N and clones cut from a plant which isn’t healthy and mature have lower odds of rooting. I clone constantly and when I retire mothers I simply save a clone from them to be a new mother I give it month or more before taking cuttings so I don’t over stress the lady


On average, how long have you been able to keep a mother around to clone from? Also, do you collect any bud from the mother you’re cloning from, or do you just take cuttings from the mother you’re cloning from?

Thanks for the info by the way!

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Good question I tend to rotate mothers out every 4-5months but had an interesting discussion last night where it was suggested to me by a good source that keeping them in smaller pot helps to limit their size. Size is the only reason I rotate them out but I have seen people keep mothers for years and they grow like trees so long as they are kept 18/6 or above 15hr’s of light they won’t flower out