Cloning new plants

I am getting better, but have a long way to go. Can be frustrating and had no idea it was so complex. I would like to try cloning, is it just as complex? At what stage of the plant should I clone, near the end or during growth?
Will cloning shorten maturing? What do I need to look out for. Obviously you chose strong plants with good bud production?
Is there any difference in how you care for clones? Etc.
Thank you.

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@Hellraiser has some great stuff on cloning. You’d be best served searching his journal!


Clones can be taken from the sides, or top. As long as you keep everything reasonably clean, clones pretty much do all the work.
Low light until you see roots, and then feed like you would a large plant in veg. They’re just as mature as one. Happy growing!


Cloning can be super easy with the right equipment (an aero-cloner like the Clone King). I clone my plants right before flowering. Clones are as mature as the plant it came from. After the clone has rooted, treat it like any other plant.

I take clones of all my plants before putting them in flowering, and keep the clones in another tent staying in veg while their mothers flower and grow bud. After harvest and smoke testing, I decide if any of them are worth keeping around and ditch the clones from the plants I don’t want to keep. This allows me to keep a stable of only the best specimens.

Check out my cloning journal/tutorial for everything you would want to know about cloning and keeping bonsai clone mothers.


I grew three healthy plants from cloning a feminized OG kush. All of them appeared to be females. I switched to flowering lighting 3 weeks ago but the buds do not look like the mature mother. Do I have hermaphrodites?

Thank you. Assume we choose the strong & healthy. I have plants (now mostly chewed by vermin) started producing flowers after 4-5 weeks. Can I still take branches from them to clone?
Will maturity be shorter with clones? Thank you.

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As long as this is a photoperiod plant yes. It will switch to flowering much faster when you do.

Sorry for being a dummy, but what is ‘photoperiod plant?’

Non autoflowering.

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Sounds like it might be an autoflower unless it went through a major light decrease for a period of time.

These are all cuttings off a AK-47. It can be fairly straight forward if luck is on your side.
I took cuttings
stuck them immediately in water with a sensisym (advanced nutrients product I had so put some in the clone water)
clipped the big leaves, cut stem at 45 angle, dipped in rooting compound and stuck them in well compacted moist potting soil.
Kept them covered with a dome for first week or so and kept humidity high.


Sounds like a plan. I think you are right about the auto flower, that only ‘hit me’ when I read your post. I watched a video and very similar to what you did. I have a green house so that will provide the right climate I Think. Thank you

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Thank you.