Cloning Questions

I’ve never cloned.

Can I clone a plant that’s flowered and then returned to the vegetative state?

How long do you suggest keeping a mother going? (The internet has a bunch of different views. I prefer to hear/see what you guys have to say.)

Yes you can clone a re-vegetated plant.

You can keep it going as long as it is healthy. Or; Until the clones when flowered hermaphrodite. In my experience. Peace :slight_smile:

I just started my first cloning from flowering plants @ 4 weeks into flowering. You can keep a mother plant for some time just keep a light on 24/0 or 18/6
i’em just going to keep cloning form the off springs


I have a question more than a reply, I broke a bud off accidently so for GP I put into planting mix and it rooted, but it doesn’t look right, am I wasting time fooling with it?

“A’Yuh” I would skip the cloning and go to smoking,russer81. :v:

There called super clones, if you take them while mother plant is in flower. They well take about two wks before they get good and dug in. Then they well grow twice as many side branch’s and then you’ve got a super clone

man I’m having hard time getting a flowering clone, I’ve read it’s very hard to. Yes the plants will have many branches. Look for pics of monster cropping

No its very easy to get clones off a flowering mother. I have some posted.
Just wait til you switch to 12/12 wait till you see flowers starting an snip down low. Presto mondo you have monster clones.
I have 45 monster clones I took last night and tonight they should start rooting in about 10 - to 14 days
The nice thing is that you can set them to flower when the reach a foot tall or so cutting time almost in half


Hey guys! What is the best way to clone? Cloner or humidity dome with rockwool and heatmat?

Hello there BigEardBandit,

This is the simplest an d cheapest way.

I have built cloners, and have a thread somewhere showing the 24x aero-cloner, but I have gone back to rockwoll cubes, and a tall dome. Works 95% of the time. So much less hassle than having to keep up with the water temps and levels in an aero-cloner