What nutrients does everyone use?

Thinking about switching from house of gardens to Athena.

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I do not use it, but I hear Jack’s 321 is a big hit! I do use something similar and I love it!


Down to earth dry amendments and nectar for the gods sample pack with mr fulvic ,water wise I use black strap molasses and Epsom salt


Still new to it all I use the fox farms trio. Only on my second grow but I think it works pretty good.


What’s that if I may ask?

To OP. I am using dyna gro nutes currently and have no complaints at all. Simple, effective. But as I run out of the bloom formula I am entertaining a switch. Just to see something else.


I also use dyna-gro no complaints , simple two bottles one veg one bloom.


I have used Fox farm trio and still do but have switched to using Jacks. Jacks is somewhat easier to use as it stays constant through out the grow;; what amounts you give whereas fox you need to add other supplements as the grow continues. just my 2 cents. happy growing :bat: :crazy_face:


Does it smell when you use Jack’s 321, I am looking for fertilizer for out door plants, live in the woods and don’t want animals in it. In my tent I use Stonington Blend Organic Plant Food, with lobster, kelp and worm castings 5-2-4 for veg. They get every thing they need. For flowering I use Coast on Maine fish bone Meal, 5-13-0 ( 18% calicium) also worm castings. It is kind of stinky when I water, so I can’t use it out side because of critters. @funkyfresh @Holmes

I’m using Jack’s: no odor. Dry supplements added to water then to plants. The neat thing is you use the same formula/ratio through the entire grow. You also start at full strength even with seedlings.

Right now I’m using most of the Earthjuice line but I also have Armor Si and General hydroponics Bio-Bud. Its worked ok for me so far but I’ll probably be switching fairly soon just not sure to what. Only really switching because the Earthjuice line seems to cost me a bit I just have to narrow down the options and try to time it right. I also use Humic/fulvic acid and Mycorrhizae to. Also I plan to switch to super-soil soon to cut down on how much nutes I have to feed my girls.

I’ve used fox farms, roots organic, and Jack’s 321. They all work well. Jack’s has been the simplest to use though.

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The first step to determine is - do you intend to grow organically?

I have only grown organically (although in my first grow I used MiracleGro - sacre’ bleau!!!) :upside_down_face:

Now I only use Roots Organics, and Nectar for the Gods, & Fish Sht.

"Build a Soil "craft blend dry fertilizer. Top dressing as I am doing no-till. Green manure ,from cover crops also. I have get my worm castings from two 45gallon trashcans I converted by drilling holes all over. Works great.I have used DTE in the past when I used to make supersoil. I liked the DTE line of products,and available locally.

SL out.

Im growing in coco
Sensi coco grow a and b and cal mag always
Flush every 7th day amd before flip
50hrs no light or water
Then sensi coco bloom a and b cal mag and bud candy.
Big bud weeks 2 to 4 of flower.
First grow

Day 3 after flip in pic