What is the best affordable grow machine?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“What is the best affordable grow machine for your house that keeps the smell down and is affordable or is there a different way to grow inside where it doesn’t stink up the whole house?”

Just get yourself a fan, carbon filter and duxting. And a tent ideally


@McLovin777 is dead on it.

Depending on space you could run a 2x2 tent with a 4in exhaust fan and a 4in carbon filter. Would also need lightning for the tent. Pretty sure you could throw that together for 200-300 depending on lighting.







Everything you need plus a ph meter :wink: And I’d go with a bigger tent 2 x 4 by however tall good stuff thanks guys

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I personally know a tent isn’t always an option, I live in an apartment complex so I’ve been using cabinets to grow in. I have a yield machine max 4ft version which is I think the most affordable no tent option. That being said I just bought my first tent, a 2x2, just waiting on that baby to arrive so I can put my 2 gold leafs that are outgrowing everything I have in to it and put them in to flower lol


You will really like it I have one that’s a 2 x 2 x 4’ tall I can put to autos in there or two photos in there the photos will fill it up big time but it still works


The one I’m getting is I think 5ft tall or right under it. I got it out of necessity kinda lol. My two gold leaf “seedlings” are nearly two ft tall n I just don’t have anything that can fit them lol. Was going to do them in my 4ft cab n keep em short, flower em early, but those sun of a gun shot up out of no where lol. TBH I’m like anxiously waiting for it to come in the mail because I litterally don’t even have room for them in my makeshift veg room I made under a desk in my room. The tent can’t get her quick enough to say the least. Getting the tent also allows me to keep an auto or two going in my 4 ft cab :). So hopefully harvests on harvests soon.


I plan to get a tent 3m x 1,5m - this would be my first setup. How much light I need for this and how many plants I can grow in that size?

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9ftx4.5ft right? Any ways it’s recommended like 50-65ish watts per sqft I’m pretty sure. Kinda depends on what kind of light you’re going to.be using to.be able to tell you what size to get.

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@Tonyb what are you using for light? 2’ sounds pretty stretched for seedlings. Having a red spectrum dominant light source will cause that.

Umm I have multiple lights that I use, I have a Mars hydro 300w led a 150w Amazon cheapy led that I got for my veg box and then 2 CFL rigs, 1 with 2 bulb set up, then one with 4 bulb setup

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Any spectrum info on the light you use for veg?

It doesn’t have any white lights but is supposed to be full spectrum. It is just a mix or red and blue. Probably switching all my lights around and getting some new ones, a few t-5 2ft light bars and another led or some sort

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I would guess it’s heavy in the red, based on the pic of your seedling. Not a huge deal, it just causes them to stretch as such. If you’re gonna be grabbing lights, look for something with more blue or colder white to veg with. Doesn’t really matter if it’s flouro, cfl, led, or any type. But having less red in your veg cab will keep tighter node spacing.

What seedlings are you looking at? The last things o had that we’re seedlings were some blueberry autos that I rigged up in a ghetto veg area under my desk with a sheet around it lol.

You said your seedlings were 2 feet tall earlier in the thread. I’m sorry if I misunderstood, but usually that’s a sign of to much red in your veg light.

Oh it was a joke lol. My “seedlings” are getting flipped to flower as soon as I get my 2x2 tent n set it up

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