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I just started my first grow. I’m like 17 days in so I’ve got a little time before I have to decide what to do. Right now I’m growing in a closet with diamond Mylar and a Mars hydro ts1000.
Soon I need to decide if I should get a tent or just use a room for the grow.
I have 5 plants. 2 Skywalker OG, 2 Bruce Banner, and 1 Black Widow.
Was thinking a 5 by 5 tent or just using a spare bedroom. Anyone have suggestions on what might be better. I also need to figure out ventilation.
I thought about getting one of those starter kits but they seem a little cheap and I don’t want to buy the same thing twice. I plan on doing this for awhile so would like good quality parts that will last.
If I go with a tent I’m thinking Gorilla. I like the Mars Hydro lights I have a sp3000 waiting for them to get bigger and plan on adding 1 more for flower.
I don’t know what to get for ventilation. I will need something that will remove the smell. I think this is where I need help with either a room or a tent.
I also posted a grow journal as well take a look and offer suggestions on that post. Just trying to figure this all out and there is so much info to digest from the internet. Hoping talking with people that have done it will help me come to conclusions quicker.

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Welcome to ILGM forum @chritro! If you use a room you still need to partition it off, so you would be better off with a tent. I use AC Infinity fans and they are great so far(3 years)! You will also need a good carbon filter and remember the filter will reduce air movement from the fan!

Thanks for your input. Is there a specific carbon filter that works well and will clean the air.

@Holmes u said I need to partition my room off why is that?

The amount of space you grow in is limited to the amount of light you can give the space. Tents are great for containing light, keeping light out and also for containing grow odor as long as you carbon your exhaust. But just for a 5x5 you’re looking at around $1000 just to light it properly with LED. If you have good cooling you can go with metal halide and high pressure sodium lights for cheaper but higher energy costs.


Just what @BobbyDigital said!

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Hey bro, just wanted to say YO!, and hey, I was in the exact same position as you are just a week ago. Started off in a closet, everything was ok. Until it isn’t and then it’s too late to save your plants.
I had to seriously consider a tent over the closet in the past two weeks and I’m glad I took the leap into a MarsHydro 2.3x2.3x63 grow tent. I’ve not regretted this decision for a single second.

This is how I was able to justify my decision:
Will this set-up help complete my goal? Yes, it will promote better growth.

Will I be able to further my hobby thru this medium? Yes, I can fit higher end lights and exhaust thru this medium with most items being designed specifically for grow tents.

Will I need to spend more money later? Not really. If you bought a good light, good exhaust fan and interior fans, everything will work when needed. Buy right the first time.

Will this drastically change how I’m doing things now, OR will I have to adjust my schedule around the new set-up? Nope. Carry on as normal. In fact, you now have better access to your plants due to a dedicated space for them. Easier to clean up too.

Obviously I’m not in your specific situation so whatever I’m saying is just off personal experience. This is just how I came to my conclusion before pulling the trigger. I’ve not felt a milligram of regret since setting it up.
It was really easy for me to justify getting the tent versus continuing to grow in my closet. In fact, I’ll include a photo to show you I’m not bullsh#!ting you. Whatever decision you make MUST be YOURS and yours alone. You know what’s best for your situation and no one can tell you differently. Use your logic and personal goals to ultimately make that decision.
I can only tell you how happy I was when I did finally buy the tent.

Picture will be below, but I hope your weekend ends up being a good one.
Kindest regards,

New tent Next to Closet I was growing in.


@BobbyDigital. I have 1 Mars Hydro sp3000 and was going to get 1 more. Do u think I should get something different or would that be fine. Do u know a good carbon filter?

With another one of those lights you’ll have coverage to flower a 4x5 area. I’ve never used a filter so don’t have an opinion on those. I’ve seen people here say the phresh and ac infinity filters work well

Thanks @BobbyDigital

I also 2nd the AC Infinity line fans i run there T8 model in my 4x8 with there carbon filter as well and get no smell leak besides when I have the tent open i also use one of there 4in fans as a fresh/cool air inlet they definitely cost a little bit more than most other companies but the product is solid and as for tents id also recommend Gorilla tents just for durability and longevity ac infinity just started putting out some nice tents as well

Thanks @LiesGrows

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I got a vivosun carbon filter and fan. They are inexpensive and so far have donw a great job with smell and circulation. Wanna say it was 60 or 70 for both. There are better but im poor. My kids and wife always want and need shit lol


@GhostGrow my wife and kids are way to needy too. I’ve given them enough time for me to treat myself for once and get the stuff I want. I’m really leaning towards the ac infinity fans.


The ac infinity fans are awesome! Supposed to be uber quiet. I have 2 vivosun fans, an 8” and a 6”. They are slightly noisy, so if the tent is in your bedroom or living space, you will hear it. However, if your like me and chose to grow in a 3rd spare bathroom (6”) and I also converted my old shed (8”) into a multi room grow space. You cannot hear the the bathroom fan in the house unless you are standing in the adjacent room (laundry room), and you cannot hear the fan outside of my shed, even at full blast.

The new ACs can come with temp/humidity controllers, if your willing to shell out the cash, you shouldnt be disappointed though.

You can also buy stand alone temp/humidity controllers that will work with other brands. Inkbird makes a good one, it is my next purchase. Im fairly new to this but i spend alot of time reading and looking into things, and this is just a collective of my minute knowledge. Happy grows!

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I bought the vivosun fan and filter in 4”. Now I’m about a month into an autoflower grow and the filter is junk. My bedroom stinks of pure beautiful skunk.

My filter is an iPower i think. Even cheaper than vivosuns, so far so good. Do you use tap water in a humidifier?

@DefNSmokn yes

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Depending on whats in your tap water, you could have evaporated salts clogging up your filter. Is it dusty to touch?

Better off getting a 4x4