Need help with new setup

Second grow tent. Please critique my plan. I have decided to locate my tent in my basement. I will need to run the vent to the other side to tap into my dryer vent. Its not far, but not that close either. What do I need to get to vent over a longer distance?


If you would use something else, what did you pick what you decided on? If I use my basement, I can pretty much use any size. Should I go larger? Different dimensions? Anything else?

Lighting - @dbrn32 What should I get for a tent this size? I am thinking two lights so I can have two different heights if need be. I was thinking of starting with this -

Any comments or advice are welcome. @Covertgrower


If you can find the xL version it would cover better.

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Have you purchased the tent yet?

I bought a Vivosun 4x4 tent in August it has been great… I recently ordered another and it is made different than the last.

The zippers are of lesser quality and they used to have a wide canvas backing all around the inside of every zipper to help block light from going through the zipper. The light leaking through the the zippers was terrible and no good for flowering.

I did a replacement through Amazon and received the replacement tent in a day… However it had the same issues. When Vivosun found out i was going to return the replacement as well they freaked…after at first not helping at all… They ultimately asked me to keep the faulty tent and gave me a full refund.

I will use the faulty tent for a drying tent… But ultimately ordered another 4x4 from another brand.


I have not bought anything yet. Just seeking advice, and glad I got yours. The size of that one seemed to fit my needs. I will look for another brand. What brand did you switch to?

Do you have a heat problem in your basement? If not you can just vent into the basement rather then venting outside.

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My current grow in the tent I have is seriously stinking up my house. Its only my second attempt at growing, but wow, its really strong. I was hope to vent this setup outside.


@prostock I will finally receive the new tent on Thursday… Will update then.

As far as a basement grow. I live in a rural area in the upper great lakes region and it gets very cold as my basement isn’t heated.

I use pallets to bring the tent off the ground and a seedling heat mat under the tent floor tray set at 68F. I have to be cautious so i vent my tent into the basement and have a 70 pint dehumidifier set at 45% humidity to avoid too much moisture and mold.

I was having an issue of dark time humidity in the tent getting way to high… Like 91%RH…i tried a small dehumidifier but ended up buying an Inkbird humidity controller. Connected to it is a humidifier and a 4" diameter exhaust system with a carbon filter attached for the dehumidify side.

I also use a second exhaust with another carbon filter for heat control of the same type connected to a bdlink heat controller. And a small 700 watt oil radiator connected to a vivosun heat pad heat controller for dark time heat. I use to 4"diameter intake vent tubes to allow fresh air…my temps and humidity are very easy to dial in with this setup. Two oscillating fans in the tent for circulation. Also two 1200w led lights that have worked awesome… Plants healthy… Buds looking great. First harvest in a couple/few weeks.

Links below for all equipment…

Had to remove link as they aren’t approved vendor. But, a 320xl kit is better choice if you plan on flowering in tent that size. For veg, the 260 xl kit would be good.

I would find a different option than tapping into dryer vent. You are creating opportunity for build up of lint and/or dryer not exhausting properly. Scent can be fairly easily controlled with a quality carbon filter that is installed properly.

What filter would you recommend? @dbrn32


@prostock Basement is a good choice for grow space, I do recommend in the winter time run your lights on at night ,off daylight hours. Helps with controlling temperature. If you choose to Vent outside which I do just put you in a separate dryer vent , run your Flex and hook it up. Good luck with your new space.

I have bought Phresh in the past, and liked them. They were recently purchased by the smg group though, so won’t buy anymore. I have an ac infinity filter to try when current filter is done. Mountain air is excellent filter, but a little pricey. If you simply cannot afford to have scent that’s probably the way I would go.

Thanks. I have a stand alone filter going in the spare bedroom where my current tent is, but it still stinks in there. I haven’t been able to find the XL light so far, but I’ll keep looking.

What do you mean by stand alone filter and in the room?

An air cleaner that is separate from the tent. Hunter 30075. I had it sitting around from a previous application. The room still stinks and the plants aren’t that big yet. Any suggestions on a source that has the light in stock and a decent tent? I’d like to get moving on the second setup.

I think you’re asking that thing to do a lot. I would get setup with properly sized Carbon filter in the tent, then use that as second layer of protection.

Imo tents pretty much all suck. Some have some issues while other issues with other tents. The gorilla tents are nice, but pricey and you’ll still be in a tent.

Once you have exactly what size your tent you’re getting i can help with light.

The tent I have has one inlet fan, and two outlets but no provision for a filter. This is another reason I am looking to get a new tent setup. I didn’t realize they would smell this much, this early. As I mentioned, I had that in my basement from a different use some years ago.

I am still considering the 60x32x80 tent I posted a link to above. It will be in my basement, so if there is light leakage it will be very minor. @dbrn32

Just pay attention to the height of the tent you buy, they make some pretty short ones.

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In stock at horticulture lighting group

I’m not making sense of this. You would just attach filter to inline in fan exhausting tent.