WHAT DO I DO WITH THE SEED? 10 x 21L - 9inch ait's and pump

Hi, lot of different opinions on this one… i have 10 seeds, 10 pots, clay pebbles ect…
Do i just wack um in rockwool and hope for the best? or what?
Also… i was told not to put lights on them til they sprout… which sounds mad to me but hey ho, someone please just tell me what’s up and simply how to get them to seedling stage.
i have 600w mh or 250w actual led - which do you advise? i could put the MH 600w at the very middle and top of the tent, and that would give 5ft between seed and light?

Check out this thread. I think it will help… At least with the seed part.


I said my seeds for 24 hours, then put them in either a peat pellet or a rapid rooter or whatever I’m growing them in. Then I turn on the lights at a 18/6 schedule. You can start them on the led or the mh doesn’t really matter, just be sure not to have it too close or too far away. Too close and you could burn the little girl, too far away and she will stretch to get closer to the light and eventually you’ll have to prop her up with something or she will eventually topple over and cease to live.
Now with the MH lamp I use the back of my hand, if it’s too hot for your hand then it’s too hot for your plant. Now the LED on the other hand, shoukd of come with specs on how far away to hang it or you can contact the manufacturer and ask them.