When To Begin Seedlings Under MH/HPS

Alrighty SO I am about to begin germinating but before I do I wanted to get some insight or opinions in regards to suitable lighting for the early growth stages. Just to clarify I am not a complete beginner but I have not established new plants before, there will be trial and error but I would prefer to keep that error aspect as controlled as possible !!
Grow tent specifications
120x120x200cm, HP and MHS lamps adjustable 250W-1000W with a cooling and ventilation system. I’ll have 3-4 seeds growing also.
Some options I was considering are either putting the seeds in the dome in soil outside allowing them to sprout, establish a root system and leaves (aprox. 2 weeks) before putting them inside the tent where i’ll begin them under the lamp OR straight out beginning them in the tent under a fluorescent light where the conditions can be better maintained. So there are some options I was considering, either way I wanted to know the optimum time to begin them under the lamp (MH …unless anyone out there recommends HPS?)
And what wattage, to avoid stretching, burning et cetera ?
Thanks in advance groovy people :v:

You can start them under a 250 watt about 14" away until get start growing up

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@subtle as @Majiktoker said… as far as MH vs HPS - there’s not much imperical evidence that one works better than the other. I believe, and am of the opinion that MH is better for veg. MH bulbs emit UVB and have a high PAR value. My plants love to veg with MH… I do switch to a UVB enhanced HPS bulb when in flower.

I wouldn’t start any plants outside that weren’t going to stay outside. You never know what critters might make it back into your grow space, just sayin’…

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I use a 3’ t5 fixture for my seedlings until they are 3" tall or so and tjenswitch to a 600w MH bulb. As @Majiktoker said the 250w setting would probably be best for the seedlings because it won’t be as intense.

As @majicmarkers stated would be best to keep them inside to prevent critter infestation.

The reasons I use the T5 fixture for seedlings is to cut down on eltricity costs. I could use the 600w MH bulb for the seedlings I would just need to keep it a good distance away from the plants so they didn’t fry.