Prospective closet grow start up

I plan on starting my grows in my closet and moving them outside during the winter for flowering (green house). I will be growing one at a time to begin a cycle. Any suggestions on the lighting I need? I plan on using an hps bulb. Is that sufficient for seedlings and veg? If so, what wattage?

MH would be better for veg but you don’t need much light for the first month or so when they’re small. It will work but might be expensive to use early on.

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When I first started growing I used the storage room under the stairs in my cellar. I used a Sun System light with internal adjustable ballast from 250-400. In veg. I used the 250 watt Hortilux Blue High performance Metal Halide lamp and had great results. This system didn’t last long for me as I kept upgrading everything.



Exactly so.

Personally I like to be as frugal as possible without it affecting my plants. I try to size the light to the application. Early on I use a 150 watt at the plug LED fixture. Usually for the first 5 or 6 weeks or so which is a considerable monetary saving on electricity.