Inexpensive lighting

Does anyone have any links or advice on what kind of lamps I should use? Working on a serious budget and any help would be highly appreciated :grin: thx in advance

I was on what to me was a serious budget, $400 for the whole set-up, seeds to harvest.
Lights are on the top of my “Do Not Skimp” list…just saying. high pressure sodium HPS, metal halide MH seems to be the budget but still not pocket change way to go.

Get the dimensions of the grow room, what your budget is, maybe start at the bottom of the Forum Category’s page for the links to sponsored lights and go from there?

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My grow room is my closet under a set of stairs it’s around 3 by 8ft space with a declining ceiling starting at 9ft ending at 2 my budget is about the same as yours was except I have my seed and boosters already and I want to do dwc…I want small lamps to fit in the back end of the closet for veg and be able to bring the up for flowering under different lights by then I’ll have more money for more light in my budget… I’m looking for cool small lamps to keep heat down and as far as bulbs go I will just get them from home depot

definitely go check that out tho thx bro