Light recommendation

A question from a fellow grower:

I’m a newbie;). I ordered my first seeds. I am soooo excited to start growing , I have the PERFECT stealth place, light tight, wrapping in white film for light reflection. I’m starting with 15 plants and have 12x 16 ft room ( can make smaller if need be), what lights you recommend?
I am in this for the long run.
Hoping this is legalized in WV soon to combat some of the horrible opiate epidemic.
I want to be in the ground floor and learn all I can . Thanks very much for your time.

I’d almost say hps and metal halide bulbs gapped every 2-4 ft apart. Honestly being A newbie id start a little smaller until you get the room maybe 6ftX10ft until you ease into the process and I’d start with 4 in that area and only 4 until you start getting the hang of things.

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1st thing you should do is to break the room up into 3 araeas.

  1. smallest area. Propagation and Mother room.
  2. Mid sized room. This would be your veg cycle room.
  3. Biggest room. Your flowering room should take up about 1/2 your space. You might even want to divide this space into 2 flower rooms for more versatility in scheduling flower periods.

Ipower Digital lamp systems are the best deal going. I have several. A link is available in our Buyers guide at the bottom of the forum.


Lol sorry, I stated that, but guess it woulda been more help if I was more specific lol, thanks for helping with more specific instructions latewood