Marijuana grow space tips

An inquiry from a fellow grower:

I wanted to know how much light I would need for a 2X3 grow space – I purchased a 120V/60HZ grow light? Do u think that is
enough wattage or whatever (I think that equals 240 watts)? Also, attached is pictures of my plants – the 2 little ones are
your seedlings (if that is the right word). Stems are skinny though. Any other tips about my grow space is welcomed and

120v/60hz doesn’t really tell us anything. 120 volts is what the north american power grid is run on and 60Hz is the frequency of said electricity as it powers said bulb. What type of light? Fluorescent, HID/HPS/MH, LED? The actual type of light and actual watts is what is more important, and even better is the exact lumens/lux/flux/PAR that the light provides for the plants would be needed. It looks like you have a 2700K color spectrum on the bulb, that means the yellow or redish hue to the color of the light, 5000k would be about pure white light and 6500k would have a slight blueish tint to the light.

I use a 250-400 watt HID lamp in that size space. Preferably, a dual ballast that runs both Metal Halide, and High Pressure Sodium lamps. Search IPower 400 watt digital light system on ebay for around 120 bucks.

Total noob here. Looking to use a 7’ h 4’x4’ storage closet as grow room. Do i need to room all the knick knacks out of closet, (there’s room to work around it). Worried about smell clinging to all the stuff stored away. I have no ventilation system, thought of using portable air purifier. There’s a window across from closet in the room. Also have a fan in there too. Going to start out with just 1-2 plants & see how that goes before getting into deep. Any thoughts, suggestions would be awesome.