First time LED grower

Hello I am having an issue with the Seedling stage inside my 5×5×7 grow tent with my 1000 watt LED light. I keep the light at the lowest setting and 18 inches away from the plants because my last few batches got burnt out. They aren’t just producing the same results as I had with CFL bulbs inside a hand-built wooden box. When they germinate do they need to go in the light in the Germination dome or just right into the rockwool with grow stones set with vegetation solutions? I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong to these plants. I soak them in water for a day, set them in my veg dome in a warm area, once they sprout I put them in the rockwool and back in the dome til they sprout out of it. After that in the light and irrigation system it goes. It’s been about a week and they haven’t changed. The temp, humidity, and ph balance are automatically adjusted accordingly. I have more advance equipment than I ever have and it’s like everything I’ve learned and done before isn’t working now. Also any trick or equipment to maintain the solutions temp to keep it from getting cold? Any information would be greatly appreciated

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Are they drowning?
Would you have a picture of your setup?
Also pictures of the seedling?
Are you feeding anything?
It’s hard to say what’s going on without seeing the problem at hand.
Might want to raise the light up to about 30” to start with depending on how they look and react. Good luck! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

How did you prepare the Rockwool to receive seedlings? This is usually where Rockwool fails.

Personally; unless starting a hydro grow I use a neutral seedling media like coco or Promix HP and dome the sprouts. No nutes until transplant. A Solo cup with a gazillion holes poked in the bottom and a clear Solo cup for a dome is about perfect.

I have it in a constant flow dripper system. The reservoir is connected to drippers each dripper is to connected to each plant. This is the same feeding system I’ve used in the past with great results.

I’ve just never had this powerful a light nor area to grow in. So move the light to 30 inches away but keep it on the lowest setting?

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I’ve never had to do anything to the rockwool in the past. I am doing completely hydro is there anything else I can put the seedlings in that isn’t rockwool? That’s the only thing I have used I thought it didn’t have a ph balance. I am looking at the package now and it does say to change my ph balance, I’m open to any suggestions. I have all this equipment and nothing to show for it. I usually use grow stones and rockwool as a median, are they more that I could use?

I would suggest moving light further away and off to the side so the little ones dont get direct light, or move similar previous light set up in untill they can handle it, i do clones now but i used a sf1000 100 watt, turned way down for mine always had good luck

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There is a technique for properly prepping the R.R.'s and need to set them up so they don’t soak up water from below and get soggy. Damp is all you want, otherwise seedlings will drown.

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If you’re looking for alternative to rockwool, rapid rooter may be worth looking into.

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Man I’m so far behind the times. I dig my rr cubes and thought they was the hottest thing since sliced, well you know where I’m going. That’s why I really dig this place. Y’all be opening my eyes wider and wider on the daily💪


I was having the same problem. I purchased a auto watering system and it solved the problem.

Sorry missed that some how.
Do you ph the rockwool?