Any thoughts about this

From a fellow grower:

I went out and spent a good chunk of change on an indoor hydroponics system. The guy at the store was helpful and set me up with everything I would need. The day after my order from you showed up. What timing! Thanks for the discrete shipping and ordering. I decided to use rockwool to germinate but I’m worried I messed up. I didn’t find a good tutorial on germination in Rockwool at first but I figured it would be easy. I neglected to ph balance the cubes at first before soaking them in my nutrient solution. A hint of my cluelessness. After a couple days I checked the ph and it was high…7.6. The nutrient solution was 6 when I soaked the cubes but I didn’t know rockwool cubes are high on the ph scale. I immediately used lemon juice and got the ph down to 6.3 but am concerned I may have messed something up. In my desperation to fix the ph I may have had too much moisture in the cubes but know you can germinate in a glass of water so I assume drowning them isn’t easy as a seed. Not sure if I should have but I did manage to see that 3 of the 4 I planted have popped open. I carefully moved the little bits of rockwool I used to cover the holes but i didn’t touch the seeds. I’ll check on them off course but wanted to run this by you to see what your thoughts are.

any more curiosity may kill the seedlings. Get retail pH adjustment chemicals for the grow, you’ll need them.

be careful of watering. Now that they have sprouted, they need oxygen and rock wool holds water very well…put them under humidity domes and mist them after removing the dome.

Good luck on the grow…spend some time reading posts here on growing. Good stuff!! :wink: