Seedlings in Rockwool


I’m on my 2nd grow but am struggling with the seedling stage. Have had 4 seedlings die recently and am not sure what I am doing wrong. During my first grow I had 6 out of 8 seedlings die as well. Even though the two survivors were great and harvested well, I want to perfect the seedling stage.

I have them a few inches apart in a seedling tray with a dome that is about a foot high with a T5 light that lays on the top of it.

Does anyone have a solid guide for seedling care in rockwool?

What is the best watering method for this early stage in rockwool?

Any help is greatly appreciated.Thanks

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Do not over water. After mine sprout, I let them grow for 7days then transplant. I check daily. You don’t want them to dry up, but not too wet. Hope this helps

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Prepping the rockwool is important: I soak mine in Jack’s, then squeeze out almost all of the water before inserting the (sprouted) seed. I run a B-Spec QB135 at 90 watts on a 24/0 cycle with a dome. The only watering should be to spray the inside of the dome once or twice a day with distilled water. In ten days they’ll need to be transplanted into media.

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