What constitutes "Usable Weight"/

As a complete new guy to growing my own, I’ve read all I can including The Grower’s Bible. In the descriptions of every strain is something to the effect “…can expect yields of (as an example) 12-16 ounces of usable bud per square meter. Outdoors up to 16 oz. per plant.” Does this mean fresh-cut weight or finished i.e.- cured weight? Just tryin’ to figure out how much room to devote to growing since it is to be strictly for personal consumption.

Actual dry weight is what is quoted.

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I’m a first time grower myself and can tell you us noobies have a tough time getting anywhere ear that kind of production. There are the outliers that hit homeruns the first time out but from what I’ve read and seen it is not the norm. I hope you hit the homerun it’s always nice to see.

It all has to do with the lighting. Good growers can get ~1g/Watt of power. Most new growers get burple lights that are inefficient and generate a lot of heat…much of the power is wasted and so you get much less. You have to know what the pull from the wall is in Watts and the efficiency of the light. 75 lm/W is MPH/MH light. QB’s can get 175 lm/W. It’s all about power and output. Growing the plant will do the rest.