Seed Companys state yields of x per square metre

Ok, so first time grower, have a flowering area of 45 square feet, approx. 4 square metres. Also have larger veg room, but it really comes down to what’s flowering I am discovering. Seed companies state things like “450g or 500 g per square metre” more or less. How many plants fit in a square metre? Can I expect 4 lbs from 4 square metres, if the stated yield is one lb per square metres? Is that just a pipe dream. What is the reality, what are the averages. I’m thinking that a plant, say UK Cheese, or the much bigger yielding Bangi Haze which gets crazy big… will under normal conditions yield maybe 1/3rd of a pound, maybe a half. Lots to consider, strain

being a big one… What really throws me off are claims like “A pound per plant”… is it about the plant strain, or the Light?


Ok… disregard my post, found a good article on by searching the internet, and it brought me back to ILGM article How Much Marijuana Can I Yield Per Plant? A Pound!.. peace out


hey @Stryder1961,
nice looking grow!


That’s under perfect conditions and also inside and outside conditions as well


Thank you. I’m proud and thankful to ILGM people


Another thing to consider is this statement on wet weight being you just cut it down trimmed and weighed it because dried and cured weight are two different things. And also you lights and ph have to be on point for everything to work out like that too.


True, good points. So I’m wondering if the ‘advertised yield’ on seedbanks websites are wet weight yield or dry weight yield which is between 20-30 percent.

Breeder estimates are supposedly dry weight, but they do seem a little overly optimistic sometimes. The main thing I wanted to point out is they’re basing that over size of canopy. And as @Hogmaster stated you’d want to make sure that all of your environmentals are in order. From pic above, it’s appears to be a little under lit and lots of dead space.


Good points, @dbrn32 . Under lit for that many plants probably yes… It’s a 1000 W HID, but I have it set at 750 as my temperature is/was too high. I don’t think the “1800” Watt LED is doing much good frankly… What did you mean by dead space? Unused space? Or dead light space? I try to keep the spacing open for ventilation, one of the reasons I want to downsize from the 11 plants to a max of 8 at a time. The other reason being that with only 8 plants, I should be able to run the 1000 watt at 750 watts, and not have to run an a/c unit for cooling. Running at 1000 w the temp gets to 81 or 82… running the 750w keeps it in the mid to high 70’s.

You should look into a light mover

Hey hogmaster do you know what humidity I should have in my room where my ladys r hanging/drying in my closet

Hey hogmaster do you know what temp my humidity should be at in my bedroom where my ladys r hanging in my closet?

I run 2 600w hps mh lights and my temp stay around 83 to 86 and my plants love it and right now its hard for me to hit 83 because of the winter season you should be okay with the 1000 watts especially if you have it with a exhaust ports on the hood of the light

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I’d doesn’t really matter how many plants you have. The light has an effective footprint, 1 plant or 10 plants within that footprint is fine. But if you’re chasing breeder yield estimates you’ll definitely have to keep your ppfd up.

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Thanks @Hogmaster… added it to my wish list… used ones are in my budget, but new are not… thanks

Thanks @dbrn32 Yes I was able to put a lot of plants under that 1000 w HID light during veg when plants were smaller… but when flowering time came, the reality of space and light limitations set in… bought an extra 1800w LED to supplement the light but don’t think that is helping much… I need to decide whether to buy another HID Light or stabilize my limit at 8. Med license I got for my army ptsd crap puts me at 30 plants indoor, and 8 outdoor… the wifey and the budget puts me at a much smaller op…lol … that being said, I will probably buy one more 1000 W HID anyway because, well because I really like this hobby… and I’m used to having the wifey pissed at me…lol… Oh, and as for chasing breeder yield estimates, I’m not actually… if I get 3/4 of what is advertised I’m good… just wondering if it was dry weight or wet weight. The question dawned on me during my first plant harvest this morning (340 grams wet weight but that includes stalks and some leaves, I figure maybe 50-75 grams when she dries). It’s been a long first grow from Aug 1 till now…when I first started buying seeds and saw “8-10 weeks of flowering” I thought that was the entire timeline from germination to harvest…

oh… what did you mean by dead space @dbrn32 (wasted space that could be occupied by more plants, or does dead space mean there are many places on the plants not getting light)? thanks

I believe that that’s just a selling gimmick. There is no way in h— that they can tell you what the seeds you bought will yield " PERIOD ’ IF THEY COULD THEN I’M IN THE WRONG BUSINESS.
Everybody that grows has a different growing environment and growing skills and so on.
So don’t believe everything you here ok or read for that mater

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I meant dead space as in places where there isn’t plant canopy. If you wanna know what you can do in 1 sq meter, run a 39”x39” sog or scrog trained properly so the canopy is full of bud sites. If you have a single plant there that just has a couple of colas you’re not really growing at the full production potential of the plant is all.

1000 watt hps can flower up to a 5x5 space pretty well with some reflection. Most of them will be like 1200 umols per second or so with a fresh bulb. Any bigger than that and you have to have light so high that you lose canopy instensity to get the coverage. Buds start to get fluffy with low intensity and density is weight.

If you’re happy with what you’re doing there’s not really any reason to change it. I was just trying to provide some insight on how the breeders come up with those numbers. Believe it or not, there are growers that aren’t reasonably off from their projections. But it does take some experience and a well put together room to get there.