What are these things growing on the side of the stem?

Hi guys I am pretty new here and on my first grow (accidentally). I have had nothing but issues, all my fault not having the knowledge, but I am learning quickly.
I had two mango kush plant and one was weak and ended up turning hermie, so its outside until I figure what to do with it. The other looks to have turned also. I found some large male buds which I delicately removed. I also found what looks to be female flower buds but they are not growing out of the stem. Are these normal and if so what are they? Hermie, should I remove or just leave them go? Once again sorry about the photo image.

My grow if anyone interested.

Not great pics but look like calyx.


Thank you. I just did a search to find out what a calyx is…its good so I will leave them there.

Growing is a steep learning curve. We learn as we go…and make mistakes.

Pics will help you get decent on point advice.

As to your current grow…it’s a dead horse. Suggest you stop wasting time on plants that will not produce the end result you desire.

Start over with an easy to grow strain…like White Widow or AK47. WW would be my suggestion. Most of the time IGLM has 10+10 sale on WW.
WW will stay short n bushy and be very productive…if you do your part.

BTW…PM n PPM Meter set is critical and only $20 online.

Getcha some fun…:cowboy_hat_face::vulcan_salute::v:

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Hi, Thank you for advice. Got a little carried away with whining about my finances, sorry. (post deleted)
I do have a ph meter and use it each watering. The plant is in flower and from what others have said it may be another 3-4 weeks. I lost one, well it’s outside, for turning and i was thinking this one may have turned too, so so wanted to check.

I know companies have some great deals on seeds and if I was in the US, I would love to buy some but being in AU, the conversion rate it just not doable.

Mango Kush

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Pics help lots. We can’t give you precise advice without pics.

IGLM does deliver to Aus…but, unless the order is $150+USD there is a $25 shipping fee.
Fast free replacement is delivery doesn’t make it.

Suggest you ask discreet friends for any really good seeds they would share with you.

BTW…last pic shows a healthy plant with a minor nitrogen overdose. Not a big deal, just back off the nute strength a little.

Suggest, especially with regular seeds, planting more than you expect to harvest.
20% never hatch. 20% never grow big. of the remaining 60% …30 to 70% will be males.
end the weaklings and males…unless you want lots of seeds, give time and effort to the healthy plants. You can also make clones from a good mother plant.
Remember a good harvest is the goal…:cowboy_hat_face::vulcan_salute::v:

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Thanks. These were bag seeds and I only had three, one of which never sprouted and then…,.well, it as problems from the start. All of them my fault, Not sure I could invest in seeds $150 coverts to $216 AU, And I guess finding a seed shop in Australia, will not be an option. :thinking::smile:

that’s a major % up on the costs.

suggest you buddy up to people who have good weed and ask for seeds. most will share…especially if you share the harvest.

plant more than you expect to harvest.

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Sound like a good idea. I am happy to share when and if I get a harvest. :blush:

Was not sure seeds swaps was a thing on here.

personal contact between others is not allowed.

might try getting friend or two to go in with you on some seeds.

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I did not think it was but looks like you were suggesting my circle of friends. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I do not know anyone that grows.

Best Wishes

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