What are some solid grow mediums?

Starting a new grow soon and I’ve been looking to get away from soil, looking into getting into using Coco as my main medium but I don’t know which nutrients I should amend it with. If anyone has any good coco soil recipes that they like please drop it in the replies! Looking to eliminate using bottled nutrients and just amending through top dress about every few weeks or so

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You lookin to use organic dry amendments? Mr Canuck on YouTube has a pretty good system, I amend the same way he does but I’m not using pure coco at the moment

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Have you read up on coco coir much?

Edit: Asking because I’d like to know who advised you to amend it like soil.

I have seen his videos and this is actually where I’m getting my inspiration from. I can’t seem to figure out what ratios he uses for the soil tho, I see he uses gia green 4-4-4 and 2-8-4 at the beginning and amends towards the end of every month through top dress but just can’t seem to figure out what ratios he uses to make it.

I saw this method done by Mr canucks grow as mentioned by @Teffygreenthumb but I also saw another video where people do just straight coco grows, but I don’t see how that’s possible since coco has no nutrients to begin with and thats the advantage of it, right?

You can use bottled nutes with coco or you can use dry amendments seen it done and I’ve seen it grow great plants, lots of different ways and types of amendments, I have only used straight coco with bottled nutes but I am using coco loco and after about 4 weeks with one of my clones in it it’s pretty much straight coco with the occasional aged forest product debris, I amend with dr earth and earth worm castings every 3 weeks hasn’t failed me yet i also use mychos and never water to run off if possible my plants are green, healthy, and happy

This is how I amend for veg i do 2 tablespoons say 4-4-4 for every gallon of medium and I do around a cup maybe more of worm castings at every amend
In flower depending on the plant I’ll 2-3 tablespoons a gallon of the 3-9-4… really depends on the amendments you use and how your plants like to eat


I am also growing my next grow like @Teffygreenthumb i use a 70%/30% coco perlite mix add in about 25% worm castings, some compost and dr. Earths. I just did it with soil from the dollar general and had quality buds. Have done it with coco

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Here I can save you a lot of headaches by redirecting you to My experience with 100% organic growing where I posted my dry amendment guide geared towards autoflowers I based it on a single sentence where mr canuck said down to earth recommends starting with 20 tablespoons where I then adjusted then readjusted to fit more precisely to what my girls liked(bear in mind that’s my first grow)

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