My experience with 100% organic growing

So after my first grow, I decided i was only going be growing using all organic methods. I use super soils for my medium and i use compost teas and molasses for added nutes. Thats it, nothing else. I wanted to post some pictures of my results incase anyone was wondering if its a viable option. I just harvested my 4th grow and i will say it was my best ever. I don’t have a dried weight yet but im fairly confident i will have over a pound of dried perfect bud grown without any extras except whats stated above. If anyone has questions im happy to help.


My setup

4inch inline fan with carbon filter

2 six inch box fans on ground for air circulation

Hlg 300 v2

7 gallon pots

Humidifier and dehumidifier

My methods

18-6 veg cycle

12/12 flower cycle


Super cropping and scrog


Looks like they came out pretty dang well what was your fertilizer regiment this is my dry amendment regiment geared towards autoflowers
Week 0 medium combining 5 gallon fabric pots 1/3 peat moss 1/3 compost(preferably mushroom ) 2/9 perlite 1/9 vermiculite 4 Tbsp down to earth 444 and 2 Tbsp bloodmeal
Week 3 6 Tb 444 3 Tb each of 484 and bloodmeal
Week 5 if no pistils 3 Tbsp 484
Week 0 of flower 12 Tbsp 484
Week 2 of flower 6 Tbsp 484
Water amendments 1/2 Tbsp of unsulphured molasses and a 1/4 teaspoon of Epsom salt every gallon every watering starting week 3 of veg double that for flower phed to 6.0. Worked pretty well for a first timer that screwed everything up at every turn(the left one is light burned not nute burned)


@NewbieNick Superb! I’d love to try totally organic. But I’m new to this so currently just finding my feet.
Your tent set-up makes me happy - a place for everything and everything in its place :smile:


So my fertilizers were as follows. I use a pre mixed super soil concentrate mixed 1/3 with FFOF organic potting soil. I let that go for about 3 weeks than every other water i would use teas. I would use kelp, mycorrhizae teas to add the beneficial bacteria to the soil and silica all the way up to flower. Then once flowering started i would start adding 10ml per gallon of molasses in addition to the teas and silica. I did that until around 3 weeks before harvest when i cut everything except molasses and silica. Last week was just water ph to 6.2 and then 48hrs of dark before chop. I didnt use any dry amendments only teas and liquids added to the water. I feel like it reaches the roots better that way.


In my opinion its way easier than anything else. No flushing needed, lower risk of nute burn and easier application to the plants. Buds also come out WAY smellier and denser. Its also nice knowing that everything added was 100% natural or super close to it since u are going to be smoking it.


The last two pictures were separate so those two combined where my total harvest! Wanted to clarify that haha


Very nice. Three plants. Looks like you put some time in on veg. How long did they veg?
I also went organic but took a different route. Using advanced nutrients OIM line. Mix my own soil with FF OF as a base with Purple Cow organic compost plus, plus.

9 weeks veg 9 weeks flower

OK I flipped my current grow on day 73. I have to admit I have had no negative responses in the plants from the AN organic nutes. I was unable to get the organic sensizym so had to go with regular.