Mr Canucks / Coco / Autoflower questions

Hello Friends,

I hope all of you are safe out there. I’m about to start my first grow ever.

I’m running a 3x3 tent with a 600w LED , carbon filter, 2x fans etc … my setup is pretty complete

Seeds are on the way and my first grow will be AK x Critical Mass ( was looking for some high yield seeds )

I will be running my setup like Mr. Canucks on youtube. Doing some more research last night, I read that coco and dry amendments is not a good mix ? Can someone help me out with this ? Any of you have tried this method ?

Also, when you look in the video description he says he uses worm casting, bat guano , kelp and alfalfa meal but in his videos I can’t seem to find details about there products ?

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

I use worm castings, alfalfa, kelp, bone meal, blood meal and garden lime. But in soil. With extra perlite. What did u wanna know about them

Coco is technically soilless media and requires supplements throughout the grow. Adding worm castings and kelp just produces crappy soil.

I would advise either using an existing cannabis optimized soil or learn how to properly use coco.


I’m curious to know If mixing coco/perlite/ dry amendments is OK like he does in his videos? Do I need to add anyhting else like the alfalfa , casting etc ?

I dont know much about coco but from what i know u can mix them. I would put bone meal and blood meal too and all those would have all the nutrients u would need. It works well for me but may not last the whole grow. I mix about 25 to 30% perlite

Thank you for your answer

i would suggest if this is your first stab at it that you use what others are using. That way there is less guess work. Others will be better able to help you through the process too.

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Like I said,

He uses coco/perlite/and dry amendments ( gaia greens 4-4-4 and 2-8-4 )…
he does an initial mix at the beginning and then when the auto’s start to flower he does some top dressing…
PF water around 6.5

Soils are optimized for the specific plant grown. Without a background in horticulture you will run a serious risk of losing your plants. As I stated you would be much better off to get a couple of grows behind you before branching out.

I shoulf of research more … I already bought everything… They way Mr. Canucks does seems so simple that I just went dumb and bought everything loll … I’ill try it anyways… Not because a few people said it doesn’t work that I wont have success… seems there’s a few people that have done it and got nice results… to be continued

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I think itll work but u need to keep up with ur ph and ppm and make sure u dont over or under water

Oh for sure! If there is a program for success then by all means. However, knowing what I know now, Id defer to a grow system that lots of people use, for obvious reasons. Even still, if you have issues, the group is here to help. Have fun its only a plant right?

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Sounds interesting, let’s see where the wind blows? On the taggin wagon, if you don’t mind?

Definetely. Recommended PH is 6.5… Still reading about watering coco …

Exactly. Honestly if I could start all over I would probably use a different strategy regarding my flower nutrition but Hey lets give this a try ? I should probably do a recap of my experience since a lot of people have the same questions as me

Dude you’re good. Think of Coco as NOTHING. It has zero nuts. By using Coco you are controlling everything very easily. I know Mr Canuck. It’s very easy to do and you’re doing it right.

Mix your Coco (Mo KoKo is what he uses), it’s a perfect, READY TO MIX Coco. Stay away from the kind you have to soak them dry…add about 10% perlite and 70%444 30% 284…plant your seed. Only give it a little water first few days. Then water normally, after 3 weeks topdress with 50/50 444 and 284…after 6 weeks do final top dress 70%284 30% 444.

THATS IT!!! Me personally like to add some worm castings in during last top dress. Maybe calmsg if I see any yellowing but I haven’t yet, bottle unopened 3 yes later.

An aquarium type air pump to pH your water really does can me in handy. Especially if you’re doing a compost tea!!! It’s worth the 22 dollars