Changing grow medium

Changing grow mediums

Do you need help with this?

Yes. Want to do a change from earth to coco and from organic to mineral nutes. Any input on this will be greatly appreciated.

Basically I have clones in pint sizes pot of earth mix growing outdoors, I want to move them to hydro indoor coconut medium. What is the best way of doing this please?

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Are you doing coco or doing hydro using coir pellets? Because that makes a difference.

Hydro coco

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If you immerse the plant in a solution of something like clonex or rooting powder; get the pot off the soil mass and stick it in and gently allow soil to fall away from roots. Install into your net pot with coco pellets and maybe give em a dose of Superthrive. Low TDS for your nutrient solution to start. If going inot coir, just make a hole and jam it in: the soil will lose it’s nutritional content and not be a factor in your grow.


I had an spider mite infestation suffocated them with a gr8 bio product developed in Israel. It got all of them all thats left is some eggs so releallsed natural predators to finish the job off.
How ever the plant is in extreme trauma.

How can I help it recover. Im using bio bizz nutes.
Got algamatic to help tauma any other input will be valued.

should I get rid of my soil mix after 3 grows or can I ‘reconstitute’ for lack of a better word.
I do a mix of organics, coco coir, potting soil, castings ,manure, etc.organics,thank you

Your amendments are likely used up, but if you mixed in new goodies and let it cook I would think you would be fine.

when you say ‘amendments’ you are referring to the additives?
let it mix and stand is what you refer to as cook?
Just ck and adjust my ph then redo my 'amendments to start with fresh seeds?
have you ever heard of anyone putting live worms in with their soil?
thank you very helpful of you

Yes, things like worm castings are amendments. I’ve heard of people putting worms into a compost. The time is to let microbial activity happen and break everything down into usable nutrients.

You could. I would suggest allowing a couple months before using the soil. But you don’t need any nutrients at all to start seeds. In fact, most of the time less nutrients in seed starting mix the better.

I would suggest visiting some of the topics here on soil building. Your best bet .at be to take your used soil and mix it into a compost for a future grow and use something new for this grow. A lot of the people using their own soil mixtures are letting them sit for up to 6 months before using.

@garrigan62 or @Budbrother may be better resources for you with this.

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We use amendments and worms to create a living soil full of life. With this process you re-use the same soil by re-amending each time.

That plant is to far gone to save. I have no idea at this point

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