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I am very poor and i want to make some money out of this business, I am based in Ghana west Africa(Hot weather)… A friend of mine from German has been able to provide me with 10x Seeds of Vanilla Kush… Can anyone guide me on how to have a good and high yields ? please i need to safe my life and my family members from this poverty.

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Just start by investigating other users grows. Then decide which “style” you would like to grow. Example, hydro, soil, etc. For myself I chose soil for the little bit bigger room for error. This site has tons of people to help and great results to show. Happy growing from across the pond.

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welcome to the site. Go to the guides section at the top of the page and read some also read posts here (journals) then ask questions.

While in the service, I got to visit Ghana (Sekondi). HEAT!!! I am not sure what the humidity will be like as summer fades, but I would definitely grow indoors.

Poor? Use dirt. Not much equipment needed. Investigate mixing good dirt from natural ingredients and have good soil before you start.

Lights will be main expense (reliable electricity?)

I would definitely get everything set up before germinating, and I would try 2-3 seeds first. Learn, then try more.


thanks very much,… i will surely try 3 seeds…

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i thought Vanilla can be grown in heat weather ? theres more sun here as you witnessed on your visit… is hot sun bad for Vanilla growing ?

ok thank you very much

thank you @CooperinKredible

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