West Africa New Vanilla Kush

Hi to you all, i would like to know if i can grow Vanilla Kush indoor in Ghana with just white light… If yes, what type of white light or watts ?

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Yes white light mimics all color spectrum the sun provides as for an idea you want to aim for 35-50 true Watts per square ft

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I have no idea of the per square ft. you talking about. they are 10 seedings, i learnt they can grow in close space,. does it matter how close the light is ?

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what size space are you growing in? @bomber

@bob31 like 9x9 ft square.

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so that is 81 square feet @bomber you need 30-50 watts per square foot of used growing space so you would need 2430 to 4050 draw watts. LED and other lights mainly advertise their Equivalent watts and not their actual watts (usually in the small print)

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Then thats enough for 10 and depends on the lights your gunna get and use, different lights require different distances, there are led lights, and cfl bulbs as well as T5 flourescents that put off soft white light.

What kind of lights will you be using.

Thanks @bob31


@bob31 how about 18ft room size ?

18 x 18 feet ? @bomber Did you see @Majiktoker questions?

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@majiktoker Philips Energy saving light bulb

@bob31 just answered him

Id honestly look into a soft white spectrum led panel probably 4x 1000 watt panels in that space to provide sufficient lighting

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i have 2 spaces, 1 is 9x9 ft, and the other one is 6x4ft… the 6x4ft is very close to me, and the other one is far from where i live.

I’m gonna defer to @Majiktoker

@Majiktoker please can i grow 10 seedings in that space of 6x4ft ?

4x 1000 making 4000watt of philips led bub right ?

what strains are you growing? 6x4 is a little tight for ten plants. You could grow 6 in that space pretty reasonably. That gives each plant 2 square feet.

Right and i doubt it, you can probably do 6 in there comfortably

Vanilla Kush strains.

Vanilla Kush is an 80% Indica Dominant and grows to between 50-100cm so not terribly tall. I’m growing Blueberry and they are only about 50cm tall and fairly compact they are also indica Dominant.