Newbie- set up suggestions

Hi everyone! I’m new and have been reading about first time growers… I’ve decided to grow a small (maybe upgrade later if this turns out well) batch. I’ve chosen my seeds based on THC level and CBD level but haven’t ordered them yet because it’s part of my question to y’all. I’ve chosen Harlequin and OG Kush. Is this ok for a first time grower or is there a recommended ‘starter’? I ask lots of questions so if I’m asking too much please tell me lol I have a room in my house that stays 75 to 85 all year (even.with a/c) and then I have a closet that ranges 80- 85 all year & can easily be turned into a grow room, or buy a grow tent. Our extra bedroom my hub decided to turn that into a snake room (that had a great window for…ventilation and it faces the back of the house) so that’s probably not going to happen lol I’ve also seen soil starters and hydroponic starters. Which is best for first timers? I’ll be using a 200 led clip light and chosen a soil, stemulate, if I end up going that route.

I have 2 jobs so I’m kinda busy and want something that is a bit forgiving if I have to leave it for a certain amount of time. I want to eventually (if this works out) make this my 2nd job. I always enjoyed watching things grow and if I can expand later into CBD extraction and edibles then I’ll be a happy camper helping others. I’ve put a lot of thought into this- about 9 months- and it’s something I need to do. Apparently I’m already making good decisions by ordering seeds from ILGM and joining this forum lol so any first time recommendations please!


I would like to welcome you to are fun house @CoffeeQueen89 The og kush is outstanding it’s a fairly easy stream to grow but can cause issues Harley Quinn I have some but have not started if you’re looking for high THC and CBD levels the goldleaf is outstanding but you cannot go wrong with any thing you pick from ILGM I have nearly every strain and have grown more then 1/3 of them as for your temps they are great you will probably want a carbon filter you want to spend your money on your light even if it is a mars Hydro or a meiz led I used the meizi leds and had great luck I’m currently using a 630 w CMH fixture with Phillips lec Bulbs what other questions can I answer for you


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And if you can stay out of a tent the bigger your girls will grow I grew in a tent for a year works great just Your restricted on a room but you can keep the smell down easy and if you’re only growing one or two plants they’re perfect

Hi @CoffeeQueen89, welcome to the forum. My best advice is to not buy anything untill some people start responding to your post, especially lighting. You’re going to get some great advice on lights.


In a tent

and out of tent bottom


And we will be more than happy to help you with your edible needs and extraction

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Welcome to the forum! @Hogmaster is fantastic to help you. Definitely worth listening closely.

I’m going to tag in @dbrn32 for some lighting expertise.

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@dbrn32 was who I was going to tag for lights as well @Myfriendis410 thanks buddy :wink:


Welcome to the forum @CoffeeQueen89 Soil is what I would recommend at first for less maintenance, and like yourself, I was overwhelmed with lighting and tent choices a few months ago when I was starting out. Tents are quick to rig up, light tight and may be easier than converting a closet to grow in. Mine came with an led light, carbon filter, and exhaust fan to boot.


@Hogmaster thanks so much! That’s what I figured with lighting. I honestly don’t think I’ll have a problem with smell ( my landlord is a stoner who grows and blows) and is constantly smoking in the office in the front of the duplex :joy: but circulation is what I might worry about- is it just a fan that can be used?

@JDS1972 where’d you get that setup? I’ve tried looking for something that’s not gunna break the bank but will be a good start out.

You will want a fan from the get go just making your girls sway a little will make them strong like bull lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: are you in the states to be able to order practically anything you need

@raustin thank you :blush: I’ve been doing loss of studying but I need real time help from people who won’t treat me like I should already know everything lol any help is greatly appreciated :blush:


If so amazon will be your buddy

BloomGrow 300W LED Grow Light+High Reflective 600D Mylar Grow Tent+4" Inline Fan Carbon Air Filter Ducting Combo for Hydroponic Indoor Plant Growing System (LED300W+32’‘X32’‘X63’‘+4’'Filter Combo)

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@Hogmaster yes I’m in the north where we’re still getting ridiculous cold and snowy weather it makes me mad I need sunlight lol I’ve been searching everywhere online for everything I could possibly need to start it just seems overwhelming and with my hub taking the back bedroom which I had high hopes for, that kinda made decisions on equipment limited now Ithink :grimacing:

Amazon, mine is 24x24x48, which I got mainly for growing autoflowers in. $300 and some change

@CoffeeQueen89, you’ve come to the right place. People here are friendly and eager to help you with just about anything you can imagine. We’ll get you set up right and help you through that first agonizing grow – We’ve all been there. So just ask away.

This one is just a example you can get a tent at Walmart online cheap and work great You can definitely buy separate cheaper