Fresh start from scratch low cash

Need advice to start:)
I’m on a super limited budget, I saved enough for 2 orders of seeds from ilgm-CBD mix and Berry mix packs. I have no experience with this but have a great gutter/growbag garden.

I need advice for supplies needed for Outdoor grow, I have seeds, root riot cubes/tray, soil-frog, 5/10/20gal grow bags, 2 crappy plant light bulbs for regular plant seeds.-pict of crappy lights posted.

What are the absolute min things I need to grow with success? I’m confused about the light and testing everything.
Can u please recommend needed items with lowest out of pocket. Also-I hope to grow 1-2 inside over winter after this.

Thank you🥰

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Save up more money :moneybag::heavy_dollar_sign:



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Shes not wrong tho dude. A light for indoors is gonna be 200-300 for a minimum requirement light. Unless you go the second hand route. Unless you get 15 more of those bulbs and rig em up you’re just gonna grow a whole bunch of leaves, if even.

For comparison, that bulb you posted states 50ppfd while most of us are running 300-1200 depending what stage the plant is at.

Its not impossible to grow outside tho fairly cheap and if anything im all for doing as close to free and natural as possible.

But it’ll require knowledge and experience of the plant, if its your first run I’d suggest not germinating your seeds until you know every stage thats gonna be ahead of you, you wanna know what you’re looking at when you see it. And you’re also gonna need the the weather to be right.

You’ll need to plan for bugs, weather, nutrients etc etc.

  1. Look up a good dry ammendment soil recipe here on this forum, you’ll need things like bonemeal, guano, worm cadtings and stuff (fairly cheap).
  2. Get some 5 or 10 gal pots.
  3. A ph and ppm reader.
  4. Any indoor growing will need a good light, no way around it unfortunately

Its always best to learn and know what you’re doing than to just be told what to do.

Thank you, I was under the impression with the happy frog soil few amendments were needed until the flower stage? Also, if grow is outside do you still test the water?
I have a normal garden so I have many nutrients but I do realize this is different.
I’m not saying I want to spend No money-I just need a tight budget specific list for outdoor growing. I have a few supplies, I just need to know what else I need-specificly.

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If you’re in pots get the pens for sure. If straight into the dirt im not sure about ppm but i would be ph’ing the water.

Sorry forgot you had the happy frog.

For outdoors you have the minimum covered, at least thats how it seems to me. If you trust you have enough sun mother nature has you covered.

I would get a decent light to make sure you’re giving them a good start tho.

You are gonna be dealing with pests tho, so have some stuff ready for that, people here use something from Jacks, im indoor so i dont really bother with it.

Indoor different story, lights, fans etc.

People been growing it for free long enough, you can too. If ya get stuck ask questions.

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I get and appreciate the excitement on preparing a first grow. The first thing you need is patience

Educate yourself. Watch lots of videos on YouTube. Seed to harvest

The biggest thing you need is to educate yourself with understanding of mixing your water/feeds. Learning and understanding pH/PPM/EC (without it you can’t grow with any success).

Don’t settle for cheap. Educating yourself takes time. This is not the hobby to jump into and learn as you go. You need some type of knowledge of cannabis and its needs.


Thank you, I appreciate your help. What light would you recommend until I can move them outside? I use DE and Neem oil in my garden for pests, I’ll look into Jacks also.
Thank you again.


Beautiful garden brother


This was mine under a similar bulb, you’re just looking at some whiteboards with tinfoil laced inside. They’re 3 weeks old here and should be much bigger, however if you get them to that size, pot them up with a well amended soil and gradually harden them off to the outdoors, i think you’ll do well.


Thank you🥰

Does the neem oil really work? I got Japanese beetles eating my green bean leaves like a fat girl at all you can eat buffet.

I literally just ordered it last night after failed attempts of using every home remedy you could possibly think of spraying it on the leaves.

Do you dilute the oil? I brought 100% pure.

Yes it works but does take several days. I use both DE and Neem-there’s instructions on the bottle, you mix a small amount like a tbs with a tsp of dish soap and water then spray plants. Use in evening and I always spray under leaves and the soil. Test a small spot on leaves for a few days to see how it reacts. All my plants do great with both applied regularly:) don’t spray early or mid day or they can burn from oil and sun. My garden is rain barrel water-auto fed so no manual watering or weeding for me:) I also built a greenhouse so I had veggies up into Dec here in Oklahoma.


Nice. This is my very first year with a garden. I built raised garden beds. I got a lot of stuff out there. Tomatoes, green beans, watermelon, squash, green peppers, cabbage and brussel sprouts.

So far it’s been okay. It’s my first year so I’m learning my all my stupid mistakes and I’m making lots of them.

Looks like you got the garden thing down packed :tada::partying_face:

Take your time and study the process of growing the weed before you jump into it. Testing with your meter is everything. Since you got some time you can order this meter. Very trustworthy. Very good meter and you’ll never beat the price here in the states. It’ll take about 2 weeks to get to you. I always buy a backup just in case something happens.

This meter will do everything that you need to do with feeding and testing your nutrients and run off


Welcome to the community outside.Grow definitely you’re cheapest way to go The sun is free If you can come up with One bag of ocean forest soil to mix in your holes. Top them one time and do little pruning. Stick around a lot of advanced growers here to share their knowledge.
Good luck :v:


I’m a jacks classic growing in peat. I use classic and bloom with calcium nitrate, tap water, and Epsom salt
I feed the same amount every time. I meter nothing. I know it’s an odd practice but it works and works well. Pulled 3.5lbs last grow so I’m not changing a thing.

Very nice garden you have.


Growing outside is about as budget friendly as you can get. When she starts to flower, use a amendment that has plenty of P & K and little to no N. Flowering plants dont need the nitrogen like veg does. As far as indoor lighting… look at Horticulture Lighting Groups refurbished lights. They are at a fraction of the cost of a new one. You can also pay using PP in 4 if qualified.

Indoors you want at least 100watts per plant. An exhaust system to help dissipate heat, and a timer to control your lights.

DO NOT use NEEM during flower. Youll destroy your crop. Jacks DeadBug, Organishield, and Mammoth are a few insecticides/fungus sprays you can safely use during flower.

As always, if using any type of insecticide, make sure to do a bud wash when you harvest. It will help remove any of the dirt, bugs, ect when you harvest. Welcome to the forum and happy growing!

Just an edit…

In a 5 gal container you have 30 to 45 days worth of feed in the soil.


Sad, but true.
The more money spent for quality grow equipment, the easier to keep on track. Time is money. The grow improves with the right equipment.

I used that light to clone (low light output).
I am Not a fan of the cubes.


Love the garden, any way to provide a bit of segregation for your girls if you’re worried about pests?

Using Jacks this run myself. My plants like it and it’s cost effective! I just restarted, used to use the full line of advance nutes, super pricey and jacks 321 seems to be doing more for less. The work is smaller too.

On the light front, there are a lot of different lvls to choose from a bunch of suppliers. I switched to HLG this go and I could not be happier. Good full spectrum, coverage and light weight. Very little temp issue as well. They have a few different tiers. Know that if you skimp on lights you may burn through sprouts, it can be a finicky plant in the younger stages.

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These were vegged under fluorescent and those grow bulbs but I wouldn’t recommend flowering under them 8 plants under 2 40 watt tubes and 8 incandescents some yellow spectrum others blue led spectrum and honestly they grew faster under this then my big lights you can use regular lights just mix up color spectrum