Beginners grow in a cardboard box

Hi guys I’m living in a country where cannabis is not legal and that’s why we get horrible quality stuff here. So that’s why I have decided to grow on a budget and in secret. I’ve been watching alot of YouTube videos and learning but I still have many doubts. I’d like to post about the way I’ve decided to grow and just need an approval from you guys if it’ll work.

Alright so as I said I’m on a budget so I thought of growing in a cardboard box which is 60cm long and 30cm wide. I’ll cover the whole box with foil to act as reflectors. I’ll grow in a 1gallon pot and add soil in it. For ventilation I’ll keep the box a little open and run a fan through it. (I don’t have an exhaust fan just the normal blowing fan). I thought of using a 20W led bulb. And I’m planning on growing an autoflower strain (any suggestions would be great). The humidity where I live is very high at 90% and to reduce it I’m planning on using a moisture absorber box (will this work to control the humidity?). The weather is 78C which I assume will be controlled by the light.

So this how I’ve been thinking of doing it. Do you think it will work ? Please correct me if I’ve done any mistake. And I have a few more questions I’d like to ask below.

1.) How much distance do I keep between the plant and the light (bulb)?
2.) Can somebody please tell me about the nutrients I should be using and how to use it with soil ? Or should I even be using any?
3.) I’m planning on ordering only 1 seed. Do you think it’ll sprout or should I go with 3 seeds to be safe?
4.) I’ve thought about ordering from greenparotseeds, dinafem, seedsupreme or weedseedshop. Which one these sites are most reliable? Any other suggestions would be great as well.
5.) Which strain should I grow for a beginner? I’d prefer one with alot of yield and an amazing high.
6.) Can somebody explain to me about the pH levels in water and soil and what they should be for best growth and how do I control the pH levels?
7.) Is one plant going to smell alot in my room because I can’t afford a carbon filter. Any suggestions on how to mask the smell would be great.
8.) How many times a day do I water the plants?
9.) When do I start the flush?

So this is it. Do y’all think it’s going to work? Any reply would really be appreciated. Thank you for your time.

With your light(20 watt LED) you will not be able to grow a plant full term. The light is to small.

What soil have you bought? Some soils come loaded with nutrients and some do not. Even then you will need something in flower whenever the plant starts to bloom. Budget friendly, I would look at General Hydroponics Flora Series nutrients. I used it and it worked just fine.

Alot of people say to drop a couple more then what you need. Just in case something goes wrong. But since the area is so small your growing in, I would only drop 2 at the most, but dropping one should be fine as long as you buy a feminized seed or autoflower.

You have to understand we are on ILGM forum(which sells seeds) so referring someone to different seed banks is kinda like advertising Burger King inside of a McDonald’s. We aren’t allowed to suggest any competition here.

I would definitely suggest white widow. She is a very easy strain and can withstand alot of newbie errors.

Your PH in soil has a happy spot so the plant can take nutrients in. In soil, your going to want your ph anywhere from 6.3 to 6.8. The sweet spot is 6.5

Yes, your marijuana plant will stink once it starts to flower. While they are vegging, or growing, they usually don’t stink to strong. You will definitely need a filter if your trying to be discreet. And if you want the hard truth, a filter that actually works cost about 100 bucks.

In soil last grow, I only watered my plants once every 4 days. If you keep your soil to wet, the roots can’t get oxygen, you can get root rot, and usually your plant will be stunted. It’s really important that you DO NOT OVER WATER. I always waited until I started seeing the soil pull away from the edges of the containers. Which was usually around 4 to 5 days.

Alot of nutrient companies have feeding schedules that you can follow along with. Usually they have certain weeks where you run a small flush. Like after your plant gets done vegging, people like to flush so that they can start giving their plants bloom nutrients for flower. Flushing your soil can also help with salt build ups that the nutrient mixtures leave behind.


I would definitely suggest reading through some grow journals and different topics before you commit to buying anything. Of course there are ways to grow weed cheap, but you still have to do it the right way. Lots of people are here to help you. You can start a grow journal and we can follow along as your plants grow.

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Thank you so much for your time. I have a few more questions.

1.)What light do you suggest I use which is budget friendly and fits perfect for my small space?

2.) How do I check the nutrients in the soil? And do I start watering once in a few days when it starts it’s veg stage or do I start once it germinates?

3.) Do you think my parents will realise what the small is? Cause I’m planning to grow it in a hidden space up in my closet?

4.) I’m planning on using my backyard soil where my dad has grown various other plants and trees. Will this soil work? How do I measure the nutrients and pH levels in my soil? And here people use cow dung and fertilizers should I think about using these?

5.) And the foil covering the inside of the cardboard box. Do you think it’s a good idea?

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Yes I have been going through alot of videos on YouTube and posts on various sites. I thought of buying the seeds at the end of the month that way I have enough time to clear my doubts. Would be great if you could suggest stuff for me to go through.

I would probably ditch the box idea. At least that size anyways and get something that is at least a 2x2. You would essentially be creating an oven. Especially with a cheaper Amazon light. 2x2 grow tents are really cheap. Another method is buying some of the boards @Myfriendis410 used to make a grow area.

2.) You check the runoff ppms of your soil to see the amount of nutrients in your soil. The device is called a TDS meter. You can grab one for 10 bucks on Amazon

3.) If your parents are the slightest bit hip to marijuana then yes, unless you buy a good carbon filter, like a Phresh filter or a Black Ops filter then its gonna smell. And a good filter is gonna be around the 100 dollar range.

4.) I’ve never tried to test my backyard soil but I’m sure you can have a sample of it looked at.

5.) Foil is usable. But before you put it up, make sure to give it a small wrinkle. If it’s perfectly flat on the walls it can create hot spots on your plants.

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Just remember, the fans and the lights all make noise. And more then likely your gonna be able to here it all running in your room, and on the other side of the wall.

If your looking for a super stealthy fan, I would suggest the 4" A/C Infinity fan. It also comes with a programmable controller so that will help to automate your grow a little better. That way your hot having to constantly be messing with it…that is…if your trying to be extra sneaky.

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Tents here are really expensive and I can’t find anything online to suit my budget.

About the light should I use a 20watt CFL bulb or a 106 LEDs grow light full spectrum?

And the backyard soil can I check the nutrients at home or is it easier to go the store and get good soil from there or maybe the coco peat?

And if the pH levels of my water don’t suit the requirements of the plant how can I once increase or decrease it?

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If you can go to a garden store, you can more then likely find some good stuff. Google some soils for cannabis, like any of the Fox Farm soils are really good. I like the FFOF personally. Right now I’m using Roots Organic and it is doing really well. I would definitely go with a full spectrum LED over a CFL. CFL’s are good light for getting seedlings going but that’s about it. What is your light budget? I will try to find you best option for you

This is what I use to control my PH

General Hydroponics pH Control Kit

This is a set of the meters you will need. PH and TDS meter

KETOTEK Water Quality Test Meter, PH Meter TDS Meter 2 in 1 Kit with 0-16.00 ph and 0-9990 ppm Measure Range for Hydroponics, Aquariums, Drinking Water, RO System, Fishpond and Swimming Pool

Have you downloaded the Grow Guides that ilgm offers? Then do.

Alright thanks alot that’s all my doubts for now. I’ll go ahead and do a little bit more research online. Do you have an Instagram page that I can follow? My budget is less than 15 dollars for the light. I know that’s little but budget in my country is a little tight. :sweat_smile:

Here’s links to the PDF versions:
Book 1:

Book 2:

Alright I surely will. :grin:

Well my friend, that is simply impossible lol might as well just stick them out in the sun or try a guerrilla grow

I dont have an Instagram but I just started doing video updates on my grow via youtube. Here is my channel where you can find my videos.

Yes I subscribed. Okay look as the indoor idea seems a bit too hectic for me to try out. I took your idea into consideration and felt it was better and easier for me to grow outdoors in my terrace. But id like to run a few things by you first.

1.) It is currently rainy season here which might make the plant wet very often. If I cover the top of the plant after leaving about 10 inches of space and cover it with a transparent plastic cover will it allow enough light to reach the plant? And maybe if I cover the sides of it with mylar will it help?

2.) I read that the weather required to grow should be not more than 28C. Right now it is about 28C but September and October the temperature reaches to about 30-32C. So what can I do about this?

3.) The humidity here is 85%. Do you think ill be able to control the humidity with a moisture absorber? Like the one picture I’ll be attaching below.

These are my only main 3 concerns. I can provide the plant with nutrients and good soil and manage the pH levels in the water as well. And I’ve decided to grow the strain “Norther lights” as it has less ordure compared to other plants.

Note: I only plan on covering the top with the plastic cover when I’m away from home and when it starts to rain.
For this idea I might be able to provide a fan as well but only if necessary.

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For outdoor knowledge I’m gonna tag in some good outdoor guys. I’ve personally never grown outside but these guys go hard in the yard lol @AAA @Haildamaged @NavyVet420 can you guys help out :metal:

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Will be back when I have more time to chime in.

Hi! I grow in subtropical weather. You are sitting at about 90F for the hottest temps, factor in the humidity and your average hottest temps will feel like 100°F.

This is average for my grow season and I have great success with planting in ground. Planting in planters/grow bags requires more attention to watering but can be easily solved.

You can cover the plant to keep rain off of it, only issue would be trapped heat and humitity unless you use sun screen cloth but make sure it is tight. You dont want it collapsing in on your plant and crushing your dreams. Planted in planters, make sure you have plenty of holes for drainage during rainy times.

I def would be careful putting a seeding in direct rainfall, wait til you have about a week rain free to transplant and for her to harden off.

You have ZERO control on the outside humidity, you can run a fan but that is dangerous outdoors.

Get a strain that is hearty and resistant to mold.

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