Beginners grow in a cardboard box

And if you are going to go the extent of spending money for shelters and ventilation, you’d be better off growing indoors.

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Thank you for your reply. So are you saying that this idea will work? I can’t find any sun screen cloth would you mind sending me a picture of it?

I thought of building a 5 X 5 with PVC pipes. And then wrapping it tightly with a transparent plastic. And I could run a cheap battery powered fan inside of it. And for the heat I thought maybe I could leave a little bit of the plastic open. So the fan pushes the heat out.
I’ll keep the plant inside of the plastic only when it rains or when I’m not at home.

I can grow with soil mix and provide it with nutrients as well.
Do you think this would work?
And can you suggest a strain which is easy to grow and resistant to mold?

Trully, there are a lot of topics in the net that explain in details what to search and look for when buying seeds. Though some are right other wrong. As I’ve been searching through the web I’ve stumbled on a very authentic article that grabbed my attention. It describes the whole process when it comes to buying cannabis seeds. I hope you find it useful :slight_smile:

Hello. I’m just wandering. Is it possible to grow outdoors during the wet season. Because I’ve tried and no luck. So I only grow from the start of dry season. Up here in the Northern Territory Australia. If you know of any good strains that could grow and do grow during the wet season.

Happy New Year!! If you have a greenhouse, yes. Outdoors without cover, very doubtful. There are strains that are resistant to mold and mildew, such as Girl Scout Extreme, but the issue I see is the lack of dry period for the roots to grow healthy and strong and the high humidity.

Best of luck.

No worries.thanks for the info. I was thinking of using a greenhouse.