Very excited and unskilled newb please help

Hello everyone. I am very new to growing. I have experimented with regular vegetables with no luck. I have ordered my seeds and I want to do hydroponic grow box. I have been to dealzer and am trying to decide between the cash crop box or Grandma secret garden box. So my first question would be which box to choose? My next question is what is the best way to germinate the seeds? And finally will I need anything additional other than what is included in my beginners WWA grow kit and what comes with the grow box? I also ordered the dry box for when it is time for Harvest. At this point I have read all of the books and the grow Bible but I am still confused about a few things. Any help before I get started would be greatly appreciated as I would like to be able to replace a lot of medicines that I am currently on without breaking my bank purchasing from dispensaries.

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I hate to be the one but many that had the cash box didn’t keep it very long do to vertical stretching in plants especially in Hydro , have considered a tent ? I have a small 24x24x60 tent with Led lights and it’s sufficient for a small grow , you can do 2-4 autos if they are short strains are 2 mid size auto plants . Now for regular photo periods you can do 2 plants are 4 in short veg in a scrog are one plant in a much longer veg time in a full scrog , but I think those who didn’t like the cash box had issues with the fans and exhaust and plant over crowding .


@yoshi, I had considered a tent but I have furry babies in my home and wanted something I could secure while I’m away from home so figured the grow box would be safest. I also have a regular exterminator who treats the inside of my home and wanted to have something that didn’t look like it is what it is and I could also lock it when needed or put a covering over it if I had guests over.

You can lock the tent with a small pad lock as I do ,are you can have a cabinet built to the same specs of a small tent with Mylar are painted flat white which shouldn’t be expensive but even with a cash box the fan noise will still be heard if you cannot prevent it from being seen to draw suspicion . I’ve seen some outer model grow boxes but I cannot remember the site but it was called the " classmate " I think which is a much bigger unit than the cash box of course more expensive on wheels with a key way entry , but have you google custom grow boxes for stealth growing ?

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I honestly had not considered a custom box, as I said I am very new at this. And as I am typing this response Booda​:dog2:(AKA Turdmonkey​:poop::monkey:) has pulled down a curtain bc he feels if it fits in his mouth it must be food so in my case the box is best. The space that I have created is small but I measured to be sure and the other box I was considering is bigger than the cash crop but will fit where I wanted to put it. Do you here any insight on the Secret Garden box? It can hold 9 plants I think but I only want to grow 2 plants at a time. I’m only growing for myself and I figure I can start them about 6-8 weeks apart depending on how much the yield is.

@Oldstoner, @MacGyverStoner, @peachfuzz, and @Majiktoker… [quote=“New_Hotness, post:1, topic:10083”]
I have ordered my seeds and I want to do hydroponic grow box. I have been to dealzer and am trying to decide between the cash crop box or Grandma secret garden box. So my first question would be which box to choose? My next question is what is the best way to germinate the seeds? And finally will I need anything additional other than what is included in my beginners WWA grow kit and what comes with the grow box? I also ordered the dry box for when it is time for Harvest.

Any input is appreciated

If your doing hydro id use a hydroton system @New_Hotness


@Majiktoker, what is a hydroton system? And what about germination? I’ve been trying for a week to get some seeds to germinate using water and towel method. The seeds came from another grower who gets seeds from ILGM and recommended I get my seeds from them and now I’m worried that I won’t even get to the planting part if the seeds don’t open. So discouraged at this point.

A hydroton system is a hydro system kinda like a toy box with netted pots filled with clay pellets very convenient and user friendly all you need to look for is an air stone and pump to keep oxygen flowing to the roots.

I germinate mine in a shot glass with Luke warm water and make sure temps stay at 85 degrees and 65-75% humidity through germination stage

Dont get discouraged I understand the feeling but I will get you on track and running in no time @New_Hotness


Ok, now have more questions. I ordered the Grandma’s Secret Garden grow box from with a co2 boost enhancer and the WWA beginners kit from ILGM…can you recommend a pump and stone? How do I keep the water at the temp and humidity you stated? Or should wait until the box arrives before I try to germinate again? And what about the seeds that didn’t open? Are they still good or should I just chalk it up to learning and throw them out?

@Donaldj can you recommend a good pump for this set up as well as a good airstone for Descent price for this person.

As for temps and humidity that will have alot to do with temps in room using and overall ambient temperatures (temps of entire house or space pants will be in outside their grow box)

This will also come into play with evaporation pressure @New_Hotness, the higher your temps are the lower your humidity will be, there for meaning low evaporation due to “dry heat”. The lower your temps are the higher humidity will be meaning there is a higher evaporation pressure do to a more stable climate.

When you have a higher evaporation pressure your plants will eat and drink more than usual (this is not good because it can cause health problems for your plants) when you have lower evaporation pressure your plants will eat and drink alot less.

Safe to say its all about environmental control and stability, and being knew its alot to take in and im sorry but we will get you some where fast lol.

Last of all how long have you been trying to germinate those seeds and i would start some so you have starters you can put in your box when it gets there at least 2 for now to get the ball rolling

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I make my own DWC units and run several 22 gal units off a single 45w commercial air pump

I tend to buy airstones in pet stores or even Walmart


Perfect thanks man


Hey @New_Hotness just wanted to say hello
I’m not a hydro guy but majiktoker is my go to guy for help and Donaldj is a extremely knowledgeable grower as well so with them on your team your in great hands
Happy growing :v::cowboy_hat_face:CB


I tried 5 seeds and left them in the water for 18 hours each. I tried the last one on Saturday to no avail. About this humidity. I have a cold air humidifier and a warm air humidifier. Will either of these help with humidity? I saw a post from someone who mentioned using a humidifier.

@Donaldj, thank you for the explanation and advice. With the pump and rock I was wondering if I can start my grow without them? I used my reserve savings to pay for the grow box so it might be a few weeks before I can get the pump.

Would someone please explain why I had to wait 12 hours before I could post a reply. Slightly confused by that.

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@New_Hotness as a new user you’ll need to read other posts and make some comments to earn a higher trust level with the forum and will be limited to how many time you can post till then
So I suggest you Cruze some of the threads
Maybe search a few topics that interest you or that your having issues with and spend a few minutes reading this will help you gain higher trust levels and may answer a lot of the questions you might be having and yes a humidifier is a great idea if you have low humidity conditions
I run a evaporative type cool mist humidifier in my grow room and allow my exhaust fans to pull humid are into tents I maintain around 60-65% humidity most of my grow and around 55% in flower
Happy growing

@New_Hotness, looks like you got some good answers if you need any thing else @ me ill be around

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@Donaldj, @Majiktoker, @Countryboyjvd1971, @latewood…the seeds that didn’t split last week are opening now. Stupid question… what do I do? My grow box and other equipment won’t be here until Thursday. I don’t even have a pot to put them in. I tried 5 and 3 are splitting? Someone, anyone please help. I’ll do these 4 in soil but I need a lot of advice. I’ve only been researching hydroponics. Here is a pic of what they look like. All 3 look like the pic as far as being open but the other one is in a different container. I wanted to see if my tap water or bottled water would be better for germinating. Well that pic is of the seeds in tap water the one in bottled water doesn’t have anything coming out of it yet. Now I really need help. If I’m going to put these seeds in soil what brand do I use? I know I can use a solo cup now and transplant them later but whay size do I need to transfer them to? Can I put them in the grow box when it gets here? How much longer do I need to keep them in the water or do I need to transfer them to the paper towel now? If I put them in the towel how long do they need to stay in the towel? Thanks everyone


Do you have plastic cups? and some starter soil or peat?
Kinda curious why you would sprout your seeds with no gear yet if you have nowhere to plant them? Not a big deal they will be just as happy in dirt or Jiffy pellets which can buy you some time simply use distilled water to start if you have ph tester and ph± you could adjust water to 5.5 for pellets

I didn’t think they would split. I’ve had them for a while in a box in muy room so I thought they weren’t any good when nothing happened after 36 hours. I cam get whatever I need that will hold them until Sunday when I can put them in the box. Is there some kind of plug thing I can put them in? Can I get what I need from Lowe’s? What brand of soil would u recommend? Sorry about all the questions. I could never get a seed to open so I thought they weren’t going to open either.