Begginer needs help

Hey my name is Vidal ,

and I’m fixing to star growing a indoor plant, my problem is i don’t have a lot of room, i was thinking about the cash crop 4.0 but I’m not sure if it’s good deal, is it not better to star just with a homemade “grow-room”? I really don’t know but i would like to contact with someone who would help me do all this,

thanks for reading.

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I’m on my first grow. Put an auto ak47 in an old mini fridge with Mylar on walls growing fine. 3 gal bucket

what about light , ph water and all that people talk about?
would that work with a big box?

I have a cash crop 4.0 and I started off with 1 ak47 goldleaf and white widow. My plants are 5 weeks old and I have run out of room. The white widow and goldleaf are about 4" from the lights and I topped them. If you do go that route I would definitely recommend only one maybe 2 plants at a time in there.

Thank you for the information but is it enought tall for those plants?

Maybe if you topped then at about the 3rd or 4th node. I’m still on my first grow myself and learning the box.

I think I’m just going to fix my closet and see how it goes, i haven’t hear good about the cash crop
thank yall for the help, ill be posting my grow when i start it, i go back home in about 3 weeks, there ill start