Grow box questions

A question from a fellow grower:

I have a growing box. 72’’ tall and inside is 36”x22”. Is it ok for an indoor beginner growing room? If it is, then how many plants should I grow inside that box? I don’t have any idea how can I manage the ventilation system inside of that box??? Please help me complete my box. I cannot wait anymore for Gold Leaf***.

I think putting just one plant in that box is your best bet; at least for the first grow. You want them to get adequate light without touching the bulbs and over crowding can devestate your crop. Lets say, hypothetically,
that when you begin flowering your plant is 10 inches tall and 9 inches wide when you switch to flowering. By harvest time it can easily have doubled in size making our hypothetical plant 20x18 inches at its end period. You also need to remember the lights
take up space and the plant can not touch those lights. Also, anything but fluorescent lights could over heat the plant in a small area. As for ventilation, there probably isnt anything you can do since you wont have the room.
Good luck.

Yes, probably only one or two plants trained and scrogged would make the best use of that space.

No ventilation will be a problem, the plants need CO2 in the air, and humidity can’t build up too much or you are asking for problems.

Here is an article by Robert you might want to check out:

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A question from a fellow grower:

I was considering picking up your big bud seed to start a growing in my newly constructed pc grow box and was wondering about how tall does this strain grow and what soil, nutrients and lighting schedule do you recommend for this strain of cannabis. And also what are some other strains that you recommend for a more compact space in a pc grow box.

Sounds great! I would love to look at one if you provided a picture, or a link to the one you bought :slight_smile:

Links to any methods you are describing would be helpful also. Thanks.lw

You two should also download "The Marijuana Grow Bible " it’s free and you can find it up in the top right hand corner.
Everything you need to know and get started with is in that book. Hope this helps.


First time grower (just did a transplant in my first batch of dirt)… Didn’t the manufacture recommend a seed…?

Just from what I’ve picked-up form the message board in the last few weeks, and looking at cash crop’s site, I would say you need to do auto flowers (shorter plants, about 3, and then clone for more of a bush)… looks like you got 3.5 feet of space to grow in-, and about 6 inches apart.

Standard is 24" tall…? and deluxe is 36" tall- less a tank and lights.

Myself, I can’t stop thinking about the monster blue berry in, “grow journal” that goes taller than his house.

Yes, sound like it would be best suited for a sea of green of small “Popsicle” or “lollipop” clones.


This all depends on your grow experience level. Particular strains can play a big role in yield; However; There are no guarantees in growing; Only… Happy Growing :slight_smile:

I would definitely recommend Auto_flower genetics.

This is one white willow in the 3 foot cash crop 4 … I would not recommand 6 plants in that box .Only has 1 gallon reservoir

Thanks Rob, I was of that thought. One plant; Especially a nice auto flower would probably do nicely.

This would allow a yield every 60-80 days. :smile:
p.s. I do not have that size grow box, or tent. I do believe this estimate and Rob’s judgement is spot on.

oh yeah :slight_smile: That would put the estimated yield; (according to ILGM specs), at 3-4 oz. This of course is based on being able to produce maximum yield. i.e.: Experience

Well, that looks nice. Glad to see you having a successful grow :slight_smile:

This sounds like it would be a better question for the support at dealzer, by the people that are actually selling these boxes.

Here is an article by Robert you might want to check out:

Happy Growing,


Have the same box… yes it would be fine, as long as the temp. doesn’t get too high or low… as stated in my recent post keep the number of plants to a minimium. Max 2

Is this the cash crop4.0?
Any idea of what the yield might be for only 1 plant in a box like that?

Yes it’s the cash crop 4.0 This is my first grow, so not sure what the yeild might be.

Hey Stonedblind. I answered this for you somewhere in the last 5 minutes. :slight_smile:

Hey Latewood … can you post a link to where you answered this question? I’m interested in what kind of yield I can get from my plants too.